Guest Comic: My vengeance, it has a flavor

His sidekick would be called “Bacon-Bit.”

Today’s guest comic comes from Adam Levermore-Rich and C.A. Bridges from the comic “Save Hiatus.”

Save Hiatus is about a group of friends who just lost their favorite scifi show due to premature cancellation. Sound familiar? If your coat is even the slightest bit brown, you will enjoy it. You may also cry after unearthing repressed memories of petitions, and forums, and letter writing campaigns. It’s Ok. Let it out. It’s good to cry.

Definitely check out their site and tell those guys thanks for helping me out in a big way.


Thank you all (readers and comic contributors) for allowing me this time to spend with my family. New comics will be back on Monday.  Sunday, May 11th, is the 1 year anniversary of HijiNKS Ensue. That’s pretty cool, I guess.