When Joel is Away… (Guest Comic By Didu)

The Geeks Will Play.

Starting today you will be treated to a trio of guest comics from your fellow Fancy Bastards. Regular HE programming will return on Friday 12-26-08.

You may remember Didu from about 6 months ago when she sent me this completely awesome hand painted birthday card for HE’s one year anniversary. Her guest comic features a slew of background in-jokes that only long time FB’s will be able to appreciate. If you look hard enough you might find a unicorn with multicolored gastrointestinal problems.

Didu is from Finland and does a fantastic music comic HERE. I also believe that because she is small and spritely and is named Didu that she is a magical comic drawing ice-pixie. Those are just my personal feelings and (probably) in no way true.

I am always so impressed by artists like Didu that can actually make awesome art with real art supplies. I am terrible with paints, pencils and pastels. Photoshop is my crutch, my prison (my own prison?). Didu’s comics have that special quality of being desceptively simple. They convey a ton of information and expression with few lines and broad strokes. I envy that. I feel like I have to draw everything in order for you to see it. Real artists can give you just enough info to let your imagination do the legwork.


Didu posted the “making of” on her LJ.

Highlight the inviso-text below to see all the in-jokes:

Back Row: Uninvited guest from Joel’s Birthday, Iron Man, Didu, Boxcar Pete,SethRogan, because he’s in EVERYTHING these days, Unicorn Vomiting a rainbow

Front Row: Eli is drinking “Hooker Blood Remover” and pouring a beer on the floor, and denise has a Car on her face (all from Joel’s birthday party), Little Girl from the Heroes comic “There Goes My Hero,” Josh dancing with Dumbledore from… gay.

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  1. Yeah, Finns are awesome. The finnish guy from my ROTC unit who's going back home after this semester just stopped by and gave me "Talvisota" and some candy -"Sifu" or "Gifu" can't tell. It says Salmiakki on it. Will let you all know how it tastes.

  2. Oh dear God. I take back all the nice things I said about Finland and its people. This candy is not to my liking. It's like the licorice is committing genocide against my tongue.

  3. Wonderful! I recognize every joke and person except I also thought Rogan was Coulton and Didu herself stumped me (I thought maybe she was just evil Denise with a shaved goatee). Absolutely excellent, the comic lives up to the twitter hype.

  4. (actually that's Seth Rogen Boxcar Pete is about to stab. For being in everything these days. But anyhow, I'm off to pour more beer on the floor)


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