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While I am living it up (ie not sleeping, working long shifts with no breaks, being a sub minor internet celebrity for a select few geeks) at Emerald City Comic Con, Fancy Bastard and fellow webcartoonist Jerry Nowlin was kind enough to make you all a comic to read and direct your LOLs toward.

Check out his comic Truly Epic or you will truly regret it (that rhymes if you read it right). The keenest and fanciest of you will remember Josh’s unfortunate tattoo choice from this comic.

So anywhatever, if you are in the Seattle area please come down to ECCC and say hi to me and every other webcartoonist. I am in the artist alley at table M-06, just down the way from the big ass Topatoco booth. Josh may or may not be with me for part of the day on Saturday. Follow me on Twitter for updates on his whereabouts and level of sobriety.

Super special thanks to Jade and Dov for hosting me at their home this weekend and to Paul and Ben of the webcomic Woody After Hours for shuttling me around town in their party van. See, kids? Some times it pays to get into a van with strangers.

A SERIOUS THING: Even more special thanks to all of you who sent your kind words and well wishes for my mom after her very serious car accident. She is at my house resting and recovering now and doing quite well all things considered. I appreciate you directing some positive vibes our way during a very troubling week and for not calling me out on the lack of comics this week.

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  1. …At first glance I thought this was a normal Joel-drawn strip. THEN I read the fine print!

    I love all the little bits of continuity, especially the Dumbledore photo is a nice touch. Well done!


  2. Thanks for coming to the emerald city comicon Joel. Oh and if you need anything bacon there is a shop that sells a lot of bacon related items like bacon breath mints and wallets at the pike marketplace.

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