Guest Comic By Gordon McAlpin Of “Multiplex”

C2E2 IN CHICAGO IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Randy [Something*Positive], Danielle [Girls With Slingshots] and David [Shortpacked & Dumbing Of Age]! Read more about it HERE.

TEAM EDWARD [James Olmos]


If you preordered HE Book 2, please read the updated shipping times on THIS PAGE.

Very special thanks to Gordon McAplin who makes a comic called Multiplex. You should check it out. Gordon and I first met sharing a table at last year’s C2E2 and I was shocked at how many people came up to comment on how much they loved his… dick jokes?… No… clever pop-culture references?… No… wait for it… his… HIS CHARACTERS! WHAT?! The the hell are characters? Whatever they are, and however they fit into a webcomic (I seriously have no idea), people were quite impressed with his ability to tell a real human story about the employees of a Chicago movie theater that was both compelling, dramatic and funny. Weird, right?

Either way, I don’t trust Gordon because he claims to be 7 years older than me, while appearing at least 5 years younger than me (I suspect Filipino sorcery), but I do trust comic readers to know when they genuinely enjoy free entertainment. So what have you got to lose? MONEY! THAT’s WHAT! Go buy his book! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO! It sold out at Emerald City Comicon in the first 2 days and I didn’t even get one! You know who got the last one? A BIG SHOT TV PRODUCER! They know everything, so do as he did and part with your delicious cashes.

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  1. Multiplex is great! I remember seeing John Rodgers walk off with one of his books and then rushing over to his booth, only to see they had sold out :(.

  2. Villainous monsters always have some sort of bodily deformity. The amount of menace all depends on what is deformed. Compare Red Skull (skinless head, mass murderering Nazi) with, say, Torgo from "Manos Hands of Fate" (giant knees, takes a while to move your bags and speaks in irregular tempo, also a libertarian).

  3. Awesome guest strip, I only wish I could get to C2E2 this weekend ……. maybe it will rain money between now an then.

  4. Am I the only person trying to understand what he's saying in the last panel? It's SO important for me to figure it out… NO! DON'T TELL ME! I have to do it myself if I'm ever going to learn.

  5. Char-ac-ter noun: The person, talking animal, or anthropomorphic electrical appliance delivering the dick jokes and pithy pop-culture references in a webcomic or sitcom. On exceedingly rare occasions, a character may have certain simplified characteristics beyond simply their physical appearance such as "loud", "sarcastic and aloof", or "preposterously dumb".

  6. Actually, it wasn't a subway tunnel when he jumped inside Agent Smith (that was just the epic fight scene), it was the hallway of the apartment building where the phone was, where he was ambushed and shot, repeatedly in the chest… Neo "dies" and then comes back when Trinity kisses him, the Agents fire a fury of bullets down the hall at him (BTW, when did Smith reload after emptying his clip into Neo on the ground? We'll never know…) which he stops with his mind… drops them to the floor after inspecting one like a curious child, and then Smith rushes him, attempts hand-to-hand combat, instead boring Neo with a hand behind his back, and Neo pushes him away like a little bitch, then rushes towards Smith (who thinks he'll just punch the oncoming freight train) and finally leaps into his chest…

  7. I don't mean to discount the entire comic, but isn't the "red skull" just a mask? Or is that just recent incarnations?

    • That's a fair point. While he has had his head changed into the mask in the past, it was originally a mask in the comics and is usually a mask.

      I don't know what the status quo is with the mask in the current comic(s), Ultimate universe or 616, but it's (almost certainly) just a mask in the upcoming movie, since we've seen him in footage with and without the Red Skull head.

      • Actually, I'm pretty sure the first teaser shows him taking off his Hugo Weaving face to reveal the skull face underneath.

  8. It wasn't in the subway tunnel, it was in the apartment building at the end.

    And you call yourself a geek ¬.¬ Lord Weaton must be very disappointed in you.

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