How did you do it, Chicago? What dark magiks did you employ to fuse the power of pizza with the form of pie? TELL ME! TELL ME YOUR DELICIOUS SECRET! OR AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME OF THAT PIZZA! OK, deal.

C2E2 IN CHICAGO IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Randy [Something*Positive], Danielle [Girls With Slingshots] and David [Shortpacked & Dumbing Of Age]!

According to David [who seemed to have more info than I]: “we’re in booth 862, which is a corner booth in the back of the hall facing Artists Alley and the Webcomics Pavilion.”

I will have Ewok Stare shirts, Edward shirts, just a few Groverfield shirts, comic prints, and HE Book’s 1 and 2. I will also be at the Patton Oswalt/Comedy Deathray show Friday Night immediately after the show (6pm?). If you are going, feel free to come up and say hi. I won’t even punch you!

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  1. Heh. I just dug around the website. "Girls with Slingshots and Something Positive" is the exhibitor listed for booth 862. That's gotta be us!

  2. Oh god! I wanna go! But I'm broke and sick! Maybe i can convince them my blog would work for press. (whimper) I'm finally in the city when you and Danielle are and i still can't go. If Jennie Breeden was coming too, I'd implode.

  3. Joel, it was great meeting you at C2E2!

    • we had a blast. Glad you enjoyed it.


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