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I have tens, if not elevens of opinions about J.J. taking over Star Wars. Most of them are cautiously optimistic. I could so very easily write an essay about the pros and cons of this regime change, about J.J. obvious love for sci-fi, story telling and iconic geek franchises, his proven (though sometimes shaky) track record, and his NOT being George Lucas (a quality which immediately makes anyone more competent to direct a Star Wars movie that George)… I could fill this page and a dozen more with STRONG INTERNET-STYLE OPINIONS, but I won’t.

As luck would have it, the night the J.J./Star Wars rumor broke I was appearing on a podcast to do an interview about HijiNKS ENSUE. Instead I spent the first hour or so expelling those aforementioned strong opinions. It should be up Thursday. I will post a link [RIGHT HERE] when it’s available.

COMMENTERS: Will J.J. be judged harshly by Star Wars fans or will he get a free pass for simply making a competent, non-embarrassing movie? Should one man be allowed to shape the future of both Stars, Trek and Wars? What if he just combines them? What will we call the conjoined franchise? Star… Stars? Sky Laser Havers? Space Goings On?

Though I go on an OPINION FRENZY in that podcast interview, I will be happy to offer specific opinions to those of you with specific “J.J. Wars” questions.


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