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Inspired by Tindomiel and the other FB’s that created THIS AMAZINGLY AWESOME VIDEO (read the story and watch it NOW!), I’ve decided the HE crew should formally apply to The Evil League of Evil. Here’s hoping we’ve made the Bad Horse gleeful.

Feel free to use the comments to fill in the 3 arch villains backstories, powers, sidekicks, nemesis… nemesies… you get the idea.

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  1. You have won the internest, sir! In perpetuity.

    Apple-shaped forcewaves from the Macromancer's hand, Bear Arms' subtle weaponry, the catmask, "kthxdie" – it's all win.

  2. What dark and evil things has the Macromancer seen with those haunted eyes? Mac clones (again)? Steve Jobs' medical charts? Or–god know–Woz…nude!

    The horror. The horror.

  3. LOLuchador – Can only speak in LOLcat after having seen his parents murdered by feral cats on a youtube video captioned 'Deathcats are in your homestead, killing your parentals'. Cheeseburgerz have the 'Popeye effect' on him…
    Macromancer – Steve Jobs and Dr. Orpheus made a baby…
    Bear Arms – Raised on the mean streets by Boxcar pete…

  4. Captain Anachronism! His coatpockets are constantly picking up objects from different dimensions. He'd be the chief opposition to Kid Kosmic in KK's solo miniseries. Due to the resulting money problems from his battle with The Recluse, however, Cap'n A would mostly antagonize Kid Kosmic at the Radioshack the latter works at, often trying to return items from other dimensions.

  5. The entire thing is mighty impressive but i'm most impressed with the finer details…
    I can has Cheezburger belt FTW

  6. I'm gonna need the backstory on the term "Bear Arms", but other wise another winner. I like Joel's Macromancer, the scourge of Microsoft and UNIX, and all 3rd-party manufacturers! Got a very Dr. Orpheus from the Venture Brothers thing going on.

  7. **creeeeeaaaaak** Oh dear Lord, it's just bricks and gravy! He lives!!

    I'm so happy to have been partial inspiration for this! Ordering my prints now…

  8. This strip is like Airplane or something, each time you read it you see more details. All the subtle apple references on the macromancer and I particularly like the loluchadores kitty lolcat mask.

    100% win.

  9. Or a Fancy Bastard CCG – cards for both superhero/villan and disguise personas…at the very least I want to see the rest of the crew super'd.

    Given how much grief you guys give Denise, would she be a superheroine and your nemesis? The Shining Inuit perhaps?

  10. Absolutely brilliant, Joel!!! Feeling lotsa love for the Macromancer, and the LOLuchador is…just….wow. The "can has cheezburger" belt is the perfect touch, and the whiskers on the mask…details, details!!! I think Bear Arms needs a bit more furriness than just the muttonchops, however, but they are lookin' mighty fine on Josh — a real life inspiration, perhaps?

  11. FOOLS!!!!! Your pitiful little League is NOTHING compared to unrivaled, unstoppable power of The Guild of Calamitous Intent!!! Prepare to face judgement before the Council of 13 and the Sovereign(who is not really David Bowie, wink wink)!
    But seriously, this was a very silly strip. Keep it up!

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