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Inspired by Tindomiel and the other FB’s that created THIS AMAZINGLY AWESOME VIDEO (read the story and watch it NOW!), I’ve decided the HE crew should formally apply to The Evil League of Evil. Here’s hoping we’ve made the Bad Horse gleeful.

Feel free to use the comments to fill in the 3 arch villains backstories, powers, sidekicks, nemesis… nemesies… you get the idea.

Cerveza Libre

And now you know. Eli’s parents are both Luchadores. Wait, is this character development? God I hope not.

This comic has elements of truth in it. There WAS a party sponsored by Josh and Eli’s work to promote their new game. , and I WAS invited (as were all of you…  you just didn’t know it). Apparently they had a famous jazz musician providing entertainment.

Speaking of his sordid comic past, Eli and I actually came up with a pretty good back story. You see, he comes from a long line of Mexican Wrestlers. He shamed his parents by going to art school instead of following in the family business. His father is forced by honor to continue wrestling until the day his son can take over his mask and mantle.

Here’s your challenge: Come up with Eli’s parents wrestling names, and additional back story including rivalries, lineage, etc. If I like it, your ideas might become HE canon. Post your contributions in the comments.



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