Welcome Questionable Content Readers!

I hope you guys dug the guest comic that I did for Jeph. Today is his birthday, and everyone deserves a day off once in a while.

2009-06-17-joel-watson-qc-guest-comicjpgIf you are new to HijiNKS Ensue here are the basics: It’s a geek comic. There are 3 main characters. Joel has the hair flip, Josh is the gay bald guy and Eli is the Mexican with the hat. Most of the comics make fun at some aspect of geek pop culture. It’s been described (by me) as “Penny Arcade minus video games, plus everything else.

If you like SciFi, Movies, Geek TV, Joss Whedon, Star Trek, Technology, Apple or any other geeky pursuits you will probably find something to enjoy here.

Thanks for checking out HE!

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To HE readers: if you are looking for a comic today, please feast your pixel-hungry eyeballs towards today’s Questionable Content. I gave that comic all the extra comic sauce I had and I’m all tapped out until Friday. If you aren’t already reading QC, then you’ve got about 1500 comics to read instead of working today.