webcomic rampage 2015

Austin, TX Fancy Bastards: It’s Time To RAMPAGE!

I’m going to be at Webcomic Rampage this year (October 17-18), hosted by Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy in Austin, TX. If you’ve never heard of this event, it’s a super chill in store signing/convention event where you can just hang out with awesome webcomic creators, watch them do live draw panels and purchase some of […]


Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage 2014 Fancy Photo Comic


“Now David, everyone knows Jesus can only see you if you move. Just like a T-Rex.” My friend David draws naked college kids smashing their under-bits into each other for his job. I’ve read some of them. He’s… he’s good at it. Tags: conventions, david willis, dragon's lair webcomic rampage, photos, porn


Webcomic Rampage 2014 Fancy Sketches


INTRODUCING THE SKETCH-A-MATIC! The idea is simple, but the technology behind it is VAST and COMPLICATED! It works like this:  The willing participant presses the big, red, impressive button The machine SPRING TO LIFE whirring and gyrating and buzzing When it finishes processing your individual, one of a kind sketch topic, you will hear a […]

Webcomic Rampage: The 6th One

I’m loading up the car to drive to Austin right now for WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE! I’ll be debuting an all new MYSTERY BOX and a cool new contraption I’ve devised for sketches called THE SKETCH-A-MATIC. If you want to see what it is, and what THE BIG RED BUTTON does, you’ll have to come visit me […]


I will have shirts, books, prints, plushies, sketches and THE MYSTERY BOX!!!  My wife, Emily, will also be exhibiting with me and selling some of her geeky jewelry from her Etsy shop, Science & Fiction. All the info is HERE, but this is the part you really need to know: Tags: appearances, conventions, dragon's lair webcomic rampage