Dallas Animefest 2010 Fancy Comic

Yo, Dawg. I heard you liked Transformers...

Yo, Dawg. I heard you liked Transformers... (Bonus art featuring Dave Willis)

Dave Willis (the scruffly guy in the comic above that isn’t me and who is launching a new comic called Dumbing Of Age on Friday) was actually sitting next to me when I had this conversation with myself, so it’s essentially a true story.
[UPDATE: View the Shortpacked panel that Dave and I did]

Dallas Animefest 2010 WAS my first Anime convention (as anĀ attendeeĀ or an exhibitor) and though I make my living and spend each day with two feet firmly planted on the internet, there were things there I was not prepared to see. Nothing shocking or (entirely) disturbing… just things I hadn’t mentally or emotionally prepared for. Old, fat, bearded guy dressed as a baby doll comes to mind (and stays there… and won’t leave… ever). He caused me to coin the term “tranime.” Having someone introduce themselves as a “helpful tiger” is also uncommon in my normal, day to day routine.

Despite these cultural disparities I had a blast and would happily go back next year. Thanks to Dave for keeping me company all weekend and J. and Mel from Two Lumps for introducing me to the Pocky-fueled, befursuited world of anime cons.

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  1. That is a very apt description!
    My first encounter was at Phoenix ComicCon. The anime side could've been it's own large con. The costumes! o.m.g. I've never seen such *huge* "weapons! Makes anything in "Munchkin" look normal.

    • I staff anime cons. The day I had to have a discussion with a teenage girl about how underwear did not count as pants, that was one of the lowest points of my life. As the only girl in the vacinity, this task fell to me, because none of the dudes thought they could have this discussion. At all.

      She explained that, no, she was wearing another pair of underwear under the visible pair of underwear, so that technically made the outer pair of underwear pants. I told her her logic was amazing, and she still had to go put on pants that did not come from Victoria's Secret.

      Other things I've seen: Girl wearing a Naruto headband as a top. Young man wearing a Sailor Scout uniform without underwear, and you know how I know he wasn't wearing anything under his miniskirt. Girl, probably about fifteen, in lingerie, but it was okay, because her parents were with her. Nazi catboys. People who think that wearing full gilly suits in a mall is cool. So many people without shoes. Avatar (Cameron movie) cosplayers in loin cloths, body paint and not much else.

      I do this for fun. There may be something wrong with me.

  2. How about prepubescent loligirls holding FREE HUGS-signs? I'm always afraid one of those fortysomething… Sailor Bubbas/Man Fayes/other tranime "characters" (no offense to the original Sailor Bubba or Man Faye) will try and get one..

  3. I don’t know- everyone always mentions the bad cosplay, and to be sure Sailor Man and the Catgirl Skanks are mainstays of the experience. But people never mention stuff like the Big O and the really fantastic steampunk outfits. I think cosplay’s been improving a lot in the last few years. I mean, the most disturbing thing I saw this year was the very proper, age-appropriate Gunslinger Girls costume, and that actually required context for the horror. So, I guess I’m saying you can’t really appreciate the horror until you understand the setting better…? I think I lost my point, there.

    Bah. I go to see the webcomics panels anyway. Haha, SquashCat.

    • I was blown away by the quality of costumes at Connecticon when I went. eBay has sure worked some magic in the last five years connecting seamstresses (or seamsters) and japanese stores with screaming fandorks.

    • oh they do, you have to separate them from the real women. As I was told from one of my fellow geeks at a comic-book shop I frequent, "Doing 16 will get you 20."

  4. I feel partially responsible for causing your brain to be cluttered with these images forever.

    Welcome to AnimeFest.


    • No apology necessary. You guys treated me like a king. Between the constant assistance from the floor crew and the food, drinks, etc I felt more welcomed than I ever have at a con.

  5. Another classic hit, Joel!
    What you describe was my impression of my first anime convention, FanimeCon '07. I don't know about how you did, but i had a blast! I met tons of funny, interesting people; watched plenty of AMV's and shows in the video rooms; looked around Artisit Alley and chatted with the hard-workin, talented artisits; saw the extortionately-high prices for stuff in the Dealer's Room; and played a lot of games in the Game Room. I heartely recommend another trip next year.

  6. I personally was staffing at Animefest 2010 myself, and stopped by the booth. Never heard of you before then, but now I'm totally addicted to this webcomic! I was the guy who was in love with all the shirts (especially the Groverfield shirt), but was so sad that I went to the con broke and was just torturing myself walking around the dealer's room. I doubt any of you there would remember me, but if you do, kick ass! (I probably had on a bright red jacket, yellow tie, and an afro at the time.)

    But to make a long story short, I have a better job now, so you guys should definitely head back out here next year, and I'll totally dump a bunch of money on your table for your stuff! And make some buttons! I'll buy a frakload of those!

    • Glad you've been enjoying the comic. I assume i will be back at Animefest but I probably wont know until closer to the actual date. Thanks!

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