C2E2 2012 Fancy Sketches

Please enjoy these sketches I did for some Fancy Bastards at C2E2 in Chicago last weekend. I would like to eventually collect all my my convention sketches and artist edition books sketches into an eBook and call it “I’m Sorry I Ruined Your Book.” Maybe I’d put it up for a few bucks or a pay-what-you-like type of thing. Just as idea.

The Doctor Is In T-Shirt, Funny Doctor Who Parody Shirt, Charlie Brown, Sci-Fi

Being that I am smack in the taint of convention season (roughly the middle) I feel like I’ve been on tour. I got home from Seattle… yesterday? Last week? I have no idea. I was home for a 8 days or so and then I went to Chicago. I got home from Chicago all of 14 minutes ago and now I’m about to get on an iceplane to Canada for Calgary Entertainment Something Something Expo where I will be entertainingly expo’ing with Blind Ferret next weekend. I really love this job, and I consider doing conventions to be more of a perk than an obligation, but I am certainly ready for a good month or so where I don’t leave Texas… or my house… or my office. I have 150 ideas for things that I need actual, uninterrupted time to accomplish. Comics, shirts, things that are not comics or shirts… IDEAS! FOR THINGS! NEED TIME!

One nice side effect of going to several conventions in a row is that I’m getting to see my comics friends more often than I actually see my local friends. One of the biggest negatives about working alone for me is the lack of creative collaboration. Put me at a bar with 3 other professional funny types and the ideas just start flowing. Convention bars are the Cardiff rift to my creative TARDIS. Yes, I just made that analogy. Just last weekend the boys from Explosm and I outlined a musical (that we might actually make before the end of time), invented Satanic Gospel music, and did about a 100 ragtime, swing and early jazz renditions of 90’s nu-metal songs and/or songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Someone should be recording this stuff and putting on the internet in some sort of downloadable format. Too bad that’s an impossible dream given today’s technological limitations and strict regulation of all media by the Freemasons.  Oh well.

COMMENTERS: I am a little spent, so feel free to comment or question based on any of the topics rased in the sketches above. 

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    • I'm gonna go ahead and use this space to rant about Miracle day. First, the planet isn't hollow with a giant space vagina, it's full of spiders! Second, why did R T Davis think the thing Torchwood really needed was some really annoying CIA agents? I spent the whole series desperately wishing someone would trip Rex into one of the many readily available ovens, but instead they gave him Jack's super power! We'll completely ignore the period porn film RTD inserted into the middle of the who.ething because this is RTD here and if he hasn't thrown in some gay sex scenes he doesn't feel he's doing his, job properly.

    • Dude was charging $40 for autographs, which I hear is standard, but whatevs. If you got in line, you had to be there at the ass-crack of dawn and make a bee-line to the "pre" line, otherwise you'd spend the entire day of the con in line.

    • Agreed. You'd think it's just for little kids, but they liberally toss around the word "sucks", & occasionally descend into pure horrific insanity. And it's awesome!

  1. These con sketches are all great Joel! Especially Rory-as-Kenny, adventure time, the Bloodwolves, and "classy" Starbuck. Has there been a major moment on BSG when she was at least pleasant to be around? And how often do you watch South Park? Last season they revealed how Kenny keeps coming back to life!

      • It still shocks me to the core that anyone can say this about a show like South Park.

        Not the "stopped watching" part. The "season 10 or 12."
        In season 2 I was thinking, there's no way they'll keep this on the air.
        And now it's like the new Simpsons. We're about 1 year shy of them having to rewrite the entire history of every character just because they have a new writing staff who lived through the 90s.
        (Homer did NOT EVER go to college; I reject any Simpsons history written after 1992.)

        • Not sure what you mean. The Simpsons only had 8 seasons (2-10) and then it just vanished and no one ever talked about it ever again.

          I was trying to figure out how Southpark started in the late 90's but already had like 20 seasons, then I realized they release a season every 3/4 of a year or so. Weird.

      • Well, it has to do with Cthulu, as revealed in a trilogy of episodes where the boys become superheroes. You might like it.

  2. Thanks again for my Captain Jack sketches! I love them and was happy to see them here in living color. It was really great meeting you.

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