Beyond Cuddledome

I just can’t stop thinking about thunderous domes! There is a new Mad Max in the works and it is called FuRy Road, and it may or may not involve human actors which might possibly have been cast (or not cast at all) according to hearsay and rumors. Those are the facts.

If you would like to support HijiNKS ENSUE by subscribing to premium content in The Vault, you will now get the added benefit of 15% off in the HE Store pretty much forever. I have also been throwing store discount codes up on Twitter lately.

I did an interview with the TGT Webcomics Podcast which can be listened to or downloaded for your enjoyment. It was a ton of fun and good info for anyone that wants to know more about The Experiment.

Thanks to Paul Westover for getting me the screencaps for reference on Panel 1 and to @theweejenny for sharing her “Team Edward” shirt pic.

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  1. LMMFAO! I can't help but howl with laughter (pun intended) at panel one. You do bad yiff costumes very well, Joel.

    Please tell me that this was based on an actual conversation.

  2. Ramada Inn? I was in Atlanta for work a few years ago, and the furry convention was at the Sheraton… The con was held the weekend after I was there, and the last couple days at the hotel were… interesting…

    stellar comic, and i think the TJTW podcast, IMHO, made the FB's remember why we love and support joel so much!

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