All The Singularity Ladies

“Put your hands up. Now take your hands off. Now replace your hands with titanium laser claws. Now crush those who oppose your transcendent metamorphosis. Oh oh ohhhh, oh oh ohhh, oh oh ohhh, oh-oh ohhh ohhhh.”

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As man and machine become every more closely integrated, keep in mind how only every OTHER iPhone works like it’s supposed to. I’m just saying that I won’t be the one beta testing the new Mind-Wave data interface until they work the bugs out. I’ll let the early adopters find out if their eyeballs get turned to liquid if they accidentally cross into a different timezone, or their intestines get spontaneously ejected when they have background app refresh turned on.

I’m sure the Steve Jobs of the 2040’s (which will probably be a holographic Steve Jobs created from an amalgam of his personal journals, email correspondence and Apple Keynotes) will try to convince the industry that sex organs¬†are just relics of the past and we only cling to them to enforce backwards compatibility with outdated formats. Heheh. Cling. Heheh. Backwards compatibility.

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    • You seem to have Microsoft’s naming scheme confused with Capcom’s. By that time, Microsoft’s newest model will be named using cryptic emoji.

  1. If past performance is any guide, I will be the last person on Earth to have their consciousness uploaded to a glowing energy cloud, and even then it will be to the cheapest one available.

  2. Man! Check out that sandwich upload speed! Fun Game: steal one potato chip from each of your friends and claim you’re simply Bit-Torrenting a whole bag!

  3. I worked in a call centre doing Internet tech support when Windows 10 came out. You have no idea how many little old ladies immediately upgraded Windows 7 to 10 just because a thing popped up on their screen saying “Upgrade to Windows 10 now!” (spoiler: it was all of them).

    Me, I’m not even considering it until at least six months have passed. Let them be the beta-beta testers for a while. I’m not doing it. I like what remains of my sanity.

    • I’ve reserved my free upgrade and all, because I like it a whole lot better than that abomination that was Windows 8 (I am not a smartphone user, but am a Windows user since 3.0), because I can keep my interface more or less how it has been since Windows 98SE, create a solely offline account, and I have already looked in to how to disable all the “Amazing” “Apps” Microsoft has decided we all need.
      As for Apple… it’s just not for me. At all, anymore, since they got rid of the iPod Classic line. I will not be an early adopter. I will likely not be a late adopter. I don’t need cloud services, or apps.
      Funny story, I didn’t realize at the time, but I used a smartphone for three months when my SIM card wouldn’t work in my normal phone. I never made an account, never did anything with it but call, text, and complain about the touch screen.

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