Alien Vs. Predator: A Bun in the Oven

Since the movie is actually titled “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem” I really wanted to do a “Requiem for a Dream” comic, but I already blew my wad on that reference (or was it my “stash”).

Eli actually saw this movie. I did not. There’s something about purposefully submitting to suffering that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a self preservation thing. He was in some sort of focus group, so they passed out questionnaire cards for everyone to fill out. Judging from the questions, he was not in their target demographic.

Sample questions:

1) How fucking bad ass was this fucking alien movie and shit?
a) Super fucking bad ass
b) Re-god-damned-badass-diculous

2) Which part of the movie was the most awesome?
a) The explosion(s)
b) The Alien
c) The Predator
d) There were parts?
e) This was a movie?
f) Fuck yeah!
g) The (other) explosion(s)

3) If we keep making movies like this will you keep giving us money?
a) Super fucking bad ass
b) Hell(z) yeah
c) Dude, let me ask my momz…. HELLZ2THaYEAH!

I hope you all are enjoying 2008 thus far. My wife and I rang in the new whatever at Eli’s with cheese dip, and ribs and Pictionary. Regarding pictionary: if the clue is “Puff Daddy” and your drawing elicits the response “Smoke Father,” you should win the whole game right then and there.

Here’s a desktop of the last panel. Enjoy!

Webcomic desktop wallpaper - Hijinks Ensue - Alien vs Predator




1920X1200 (wide)

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  1. Can’t really give a snarky movie-related comment to this one, as I haven’t seen it nor does it look like something I should be clambering to the theatre to see.

    I will however, comment on how impressed I am by your splendid new design implementation. It’s subtle, but visibly different — both of which are very good.

    Here’s to the new look for the New Year and to the continued evolution of HE! 🙂

  2. Agreed on the movie – The first one was shit, and I literally laughed at my friend when he said that he was going to see it.

    Later, when I asked him how it was, he just bowed his head in shame.
    he’ll learn to listen to me on my movie advise… or anyone’s for that matter.

  3. Hey,

    I have actually seren ALIEN VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM (didn’t pay to see it- free tickets) and it’s far, far, far better than the first one. I knew they were trying to get a more mature rating when they included a scene in which the Predalien (you’d think they could at least have called it the Alienator) turns the Maternity Wing of a hospital into its own personal buffet.

    It’s basically the CITIZEN KANE of films in which Two Alien creatures kick each other around, blow shit up and eat the occasional baby.

  4. Can we see the drawing from pictionary mentioned above?

    As for AvP:2, Why not give the people what they want? A hybrid of AvP, knocked up, and superbad where 2 nerdy teenagers are trying to buy booze for a party, get eaten by aliens, that alien has a one-night stand with a predator and they awkwardly fall in love and have their alien love child which eats babies. Just toss Seth Rogen in the movie somewhere and we've got a box office smash.

  5. @AJ
    If I can hate a movie that I will never seen, so can you. Its easy. You watch the trailer, you vomit acid, then you hate it. 1,2,3.
    Seriously, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it.

    @Astranged Airman
    Alien, Aliens, and the OP (Original Predator) were well made and very entertaining. All sequels of both thus far have tanked their respective franchises in my opinion. AVP, and AVP:R are like orignals had a hybrid clone baby with professional wrestling and a hooker.

    Thats a lot of R’s.
    “Alienator” is now the permanent title of that film. Perhaps all films.
    I was going to argue with your last point, but then I realized 1991’s Hulk Hogan tour de force, “Suburban Commando” didnt actually have any baby eating.

  6. @Abe
    Ok, Judd Apatow’s on board to produce and direct. Seth Rogan will be Predator with Jonah Hill as his wacky sidekick (the one that needs to get the beer, and laid, and a sandwich). Amy Smart will play Alien, and Ana Gasteyer will be her up tight sister or room mate or whatever that doesnt want her to stay with Predator.

    Eugene Levy makes a cameo as Predator’s embarrassing dad, who accidentally gets high when we eats the head of Predator’s stoner friend played by (insert stoner guy from any stoner movie).

    Expect a check as soon as this is greenlit.

    Also, there are pics of every pictionary drawing with it’s clue and the best wrong guess. Eli usually uploads those, so I will link them as soon as he does.

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