A Sudden Stevepiphany

Comicpalooza Houston TX March 26-28

This is actually what happend right before The Dark Crystal.

If you like to see what goes into the making of the comic I have posted a step by step (or layer by layer) “comic making process” gallery of this comic (can I use the word “comic” again?) in The Vault along with the original, unedited script. To get access the The Vault for the rest of the month make a one time donation. To get constant access and REALLY help me keep this comic-ship afloat, please consider starting a donation subscription. Thanks!

Don’t forget, this weekend is Comicpalooza in Houston, TX. I just found out I will be doing a webcomics panel with Randy, Malki! and Phil Foglio so if you are in the area you might not want to miss that (or you might… I don’t know you that well).

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      • "I agree with this. My poor iPod screen. "-Luna

        You lean over a rail and hear a crack. You silently pray that it's not your iPod screen breaking, but is rather just one of your testicles rupturing.

        That pretty much sums up my first broken iPod…

        • My iTouch screen is a shattered train wreck. The weird part? IT STILL WORKS. I'm not sure that's theoretically possible, but I can't justify buying another one until this one stops working.

          Possibly it continues only on the distilled power of Jobs' rage, which is infused into each and every unit.

  1. I bet Steve Jobs actually has diamonds that big hanging out just in case he has to shatter them with iphones.

  2. My iPod lives on my belt encased in silicon and Lexan.That is why my life is awesome.

    Except for the emptiness.

    Silicon! Lexan!


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