A Sudden Stevepiphany

Comicpalooza Houston TX March 26-28

This is actually what happend right before The Dark Crystal.

If you like to see what goes into the making of the comic I have posted a step by step (or layer by layer) “comic making process” gallery of this comic (can I use the word “comic” again?) in The Vault along with the original, unedited script. To get access the The Vault for the rest of the month make a one time donation. To get constant access and REALLY help me keep this comic-ship afloat, please consider starting a donation subscription. Thanks!

Don’t forget, this weekend is Comicpalooza in Houston, TX. I just found out I will be doing a webcomics panel with Randy, Malki! and Phil Foglio so if you are in the area you might not want to miss that (or you might… I don’t know you that well).