Breaking The SyFy Cypher


SciFi SyFy Tv-Movie Title Generator Shirt

Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator T-Shirt @Topatoco!!!

There is also a PRINT of this design too!

BEHOLD! I have decrypted the ancient science fiction alchemy from which unspeakable beasts are birthed! What monsters will you create now that you know the secret? Dinoyeti? Chupaconda? Arachnodile? Tractorsaurus? Sharkshark?! TO THE COMMENTS WITH YOU!

Comicpalooza Houston TX March 26-28

[Edward shirts now at Topatoco!]

Feel free to use the chart to create your own monster pairings, and divulge what would be the climactic scene/death scene in the movie (ie the megashark eats a plane out of the sky or the dinoshark eats a surfer mid-wave, etc). Feel free to reuse prefixes and suffixes, mix the columns and add new animals or object modifiers as you see fit. If you are feeling super frisky, why not draw one of these creatures and post a link to it in the comments.

Don’t forget, this weekend is Comicpalooza in Houston, TX!!! I will be doing a webcomics panel with Randy, Malki! and Phil Foglio so come out and say hi and buy stuff and we’ll have a good time.

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