A Severe Case Of Scullyosis

A Severe Case Of Scullyosis

A condition first diagnosed in a female FBI agent in the mid-nineties, Scullyosis prevents the subject from accepting the strange and paranormal despite clear supporting evidence or strong personal experience. Sufferers of Scullyosis will deny the existence of aliens, for example, even after being abducted, probed, having their DNA harvested, meeting their alien-hybrid baby, taking it to the first day of kindergarten, watching it graduate, sending it to a good 4 year college, attending its wedding and holding their own 1/4 alien grand child. It’s a powerful condition that turns potentially dynamic and interesting characters into one dimensional, broken record skeptics.

If the producers of Fringe don’t do something with Peter in season 2 besides have him blurt out “that’s my father ladies and gentlemen” after every time Walter says something inappropriately sexual, they might as well write him out of the show.

[actually that sentiment was conceived BEFORE I saw the season 1 finale last night. Holy shit, was it good. Peter’s story just opened all the way up. If they can lose the cheesy skepticism, and it’s going to be pretty hard not to after that ep, he might just turn into a character that I can care about.]

Fringe tried a little too hard at the beginning of the season to distinguish itself from LOST by giving us self contained episodes. The main story arch was touched on, but not significantly. The show really picks up around the last 6 episodes of the season. I hope they continue that momentum going forward. It’s really an excellent show and John Noble as Walter Bishop is one of the most interesting characters on TV (if you like House, you will LOVE Walter).

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