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Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! Check out our University of Gallifrey Fighting Time Lords Shirt over at Sharksplode.

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I am closing out some current t-shirt and print designs. Please check out this blog post since the stuff on closeout probably won’t be available again.

NEWS: You can hear me briefly on this ABC Australia podcast, Nerdzilla, talking about X-Men: First Class. The full interview will be posted sometime next week.

NEWS 2: I have donated a copy of HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple to be auctioned off by the Toronto Chapter of Can’t Stop The Serenity. It features THIS SKETCH. The auction is June 18th.

NEWS 3: The story I recorded for the Machine Of Death Podcast, “Loss Of Blood,” can be downloaded NOW. It’s been so long since I recorded it that I can’t remember if I sucked or not. Either way the story is very cool.

Josh IRL did see a preview of Super 8 last night. I did not. How do I compensate? Hmmm… let’s check my bag of tricks… OH! Make fun of George Lucas. Blammo! Comic!

I probably won’t have a chance to see Super 8 this weekend, so I doubt I will be able to offer insightful commentary on the subject in a timely fashion. Of course I didn’t see the first seven in the series anyway, so I would probably be totally lost with this eighth installment. I wonder if Dwight and Juno starred in all of them. Is this one a prequel?

It seems like Super 8 sends a very clear message. That message is: HEY! Remember in the 70’s and 80’s when Spielberg’s movie were the bees tits? Remember that combined sense of suspense and wonderment? You want more of that shit? You NEED it? Well, we gots it for ya’!

They even released a Spielberg stye painted portrait poster for Super 8. I wonder if there’s a cameo by a young CG Drew Barrymore. For now I am just going to attempt to avoid the constant barrage of spoilers that the next few days are going to bring.

COMMENTERS: Post your spoiler free thoughts on Super 8! Also, post other ideas Lucas had for this movie or any other movie made by his friends.

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  1. Just saw Super 8 for my B-day and I have to say it was a fantastic wonderful joy filled lens flare …er movie. Worth ten bucks, though I didn't pay for the ticket, which probably made me enjoy the movie more.

  2. I liked it. I considered it to be Abrams reboot of both Close Encounters and ET, with a little horror thrown in.

  3. Was a great summer movie. Nice to see I'm not the only cheap bastard to sneak in food and drink to a theater.

    Although if you're that serious about not paying out the ass for soda/adult beverages just do what I did, cut the top off an old empty oxygen tank and add screw-threads so you can open and close it at your leisure.

    One like this: http://www.closedmawfdontgetfed.com/wp-content/up… can hold a six pack easy.

  4. Is it weird that this totally sounds like what would happen if someone let Aaron Sorkin make a space opera? Also I'd probably watch the shit out of such a show.

  5. I'm half-psyched, half-confused by your involvement in the ABC podcast. It's like two of my favourite things smooshing together in some freakish awesome-orgy.

  6. One of my friends in college had a huge purse and she actually snuck in tupperware containers of pasta and chicken when we saw Sin City. The rest of us just stored our normal bottles of soda and giant bags of candy in there.

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