A Fistful of Joshes

Josh: did you watch the wwdc feed?
Joel: nah
Joel: i read it all
Josh: i’m watching the video of all the 3rd party apps
Joel: my iphone is worth negative nothing
Josh: some neat stuff
Josh: i’ll probably get monkey ball
Josh: because that game is pure fun
Joel: get band
Joel: are you getting the phone?
Josh: are you high?
Joel: hahahahahah
Josh: exactly
Josh: and they’re only half the price
Joel: seems like a marginal upgrdae
Josh: so i can buy 2

I predict about 2 million original iPhones hitting eBay and Craigslist in a couple of weeks. Anyone want to buy a 1st gen iPhone, previously owned by “THE Joel Watson?” What about “THE Joel Watson’s” wife?” She’s semi-internet famous by association.

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  1. nice LaForge glasses on distant future Josh! i assume the cape is over his face b'c all the other Josh's got creeped out by the white eyeball thing. how much do you think ppl will try to sell their old iPhones for? ( i have no concept b'c i could care less about my phone, as long as it makes calls)

  2. I think the only real question is this:
    Is present-day Josh the one with or without nipples? That's an interesting question because, either way, there's an interesting answer: it's either the story of how he grew nipples, or the story of how he lost them. TEH INTERWEBZ WANT 2 NO!!!11!1

  3. But what was distant future Josh's warning? He was coming to save us from Apocalypse, wasn't he? WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!!!! DOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooommm…d..!

  4. Biggest Pro's: Internet anywhere, Google Maps Anywhere, fantastic txt msg'ing (I never txt'd before this phone), elegant photo browsing interface (better than pics in your wallet), the most fantastic audio player I've ever used.

  5. How useful is it without AT&T? I could see spending $100 for a iPhone as a multimedia player and just rely on WiFi for network access.

  6. I keep picturing Josh hopping around in a brightly-colored suit, going "Aoooow! I'm so excited, all six of my nipples are tingling!"

  7. YOU look weird.

    No, wait, I mean, yes, English is a fucked up language. But see, by the dawn's early light…uh, that is, updated title, you've already figured it out.

    Back In The Day my get-rich-quick-on-the-intersplodes-scheme was going to be a proofreading service for all the rinky-dink websites that every two-bit company was hurling up.

  8. In the future, people don't have nipples because they're grown in a vat until they can eat solid foods. Like that old sci-fi movie, where the future people all had two navels for no particular reason than to make, was it a Hemmingway girl? -Anyway, so she had to show off her midriff. -And there were two navels. And the guy, the guy from the past, our present, he gets all peculiar about it.

  9. I'm vaguely reminded of that Sealab episode where this sort of thing happened.

    And it would be awesome if Fourth Future Josh made an appearance on the podcast and spilled the secrets of the not-so-distant future.

  10. I'm glad I held out on IPhone mania. I don't plan on getting this year's model either. I'll wait a few years and see if they can go more than a year without releasing a new phone.

  11. Jesusphone though it may be, it's not worth the hundreds I'd have to pay to break my current phone service nor the additional hundreds I'd have to pay to start up AT&T, on top of the purchase price. Let me use it on Verizon with the fear of ending up with an iBrick, and I'll buy one.

  12. I fixed the iPhone dilemma for myself by buying an unlocked Palm Treo 680. I'll just take the SIM from my work-provided phone and put it into that puppy. Otherwise, I'd have to have 2 phones and pay for a phone bill myself. Screw that! 🙂

  13. Sort of. You can re-flash them and apply various hacks to enable them on various carriers, but whenever Apple puts out a new firmware version (which if I remember gets pushed out to the phone automatically), there's a pretty significant chance that it'll brick the phone. Of course people do have de-bricking utilities for just such an occasion, but constantly having to "repair" your phone and having to wait an indeterminate amount of time before upgrading to the latest firmware is definitely a pain in the butt.

  14. I'd've replied earlier to your reply had ID _told_ me that you'd replied to my comment.

    Nevertheless, this is what springs to mind:
    "Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out."

    4 seems a little too hetero-normist to me: just 2+2. Odd numbers are kinkier. Unless the red mist (which could be any of a number of Star Trek beasties) counts as a player…

  15. I've considered a bunch of different phones. I hate having a cell phone to begin with, so if I've got to have one, it had better been the fucking swiss army knife of phones. For what I want, especially with the size of the screen, the iPhone fits that. I've held off because I've had more interesting things to spend my money on, but now it's about too good to pass up.

  16. you havent solved anything until you can feel the superiority and smugness that only comes with an iphone. Actually, i guess thats over since at $200 it will probably end up being the most common phone out there.

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