La Siesta Más Peligrosa

Eli is a heavy sleeper.

Who is that striking fellow making off with Eli’s fillings? Why it’s Boxcar Pete, the lovable transient stab-happy hobo. Pete will have his fill of fortified wine tonight, I tell you. The alley behind the Burger King will echo with the songs of his adventures.

I know this isn’t your typical HE fare. No geek references or Cylon jokes. Sometime I like to draw squirrels. This was one of those times.

(It means, “The Most Dangerous Nap”)

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  1. While I admit my lack of Spanish acumen, six years' worth of Latin study makes me think there's something wrong with that phrase's gender alignment.

    Wait…that didn't sound right. What I mean is: should it not be La Siesta?

  2. Didn't Pepper have one of those dinky little phones in Iron Man?
    Always nice to see Pete!
    Typo in last panel: no space between 'tastes' and 'like'
    Also, Eli is his own geek reference.

  3. Squirrel in the mouth FTW! And the cardinal. And the rat in Boxcar Pete's pocket. (Which was there at his first appearance, but I hadn't noticed then.)

    Poor Eli. Don't know if NyQuil will help this cold.

  4. I'm spanish, and although each word translates as indicated, the sentence is wrong, as seandalf said. It should have been: La siesta mas peligrosa, in that order.
    Careful when using babelfish!

  5. You're not the only one. That frame looks like it's depicting the pre-mount phase of said face-raping. It wasn't until I read the next panel that I noticed Pete's hand in Eli's mouth.

    When I had mono, I played Final Fantasy on my NES. I recommend that over park napping.

  6. Not terrible at all; I srsly wish I had better input than to join all the other FBs in the picking of nits. On the positive side, kudos for the squirrel, as well as "twice-shat shit." Impressive.

  7. This comic struck home. I'm a heavy sleeper and I'm the guy who passes out at parties only to have shit glued, drawn, welded, etc. on him when he wakes up the next day.

  8. Have you ever played the Jelly Belly game where you put a jelly bean into your mouth with your nose pinched and try to guess what flavor? And you can't do it until you let go of your nose?

    It's cause most of your taste actually comes from smell. You nose is actually "tasting" the air. Meaning bits of whatever you are smelling is actually IN your nose.

    Just thought I'd share that.

  9. I know this wasn't typical HE, but I ROFLed at this one! Right at the beginning we have "twice shat sick" and from there, the squirrel… I just about lost it there (in a good way). I think this was especially funny for me because I also had a bum put their fingers in my mouth.

    jk – but I am a really heavy sleeper so I can *almost* totally relate.

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