A Blatant Disregard For Canon

I’d like to clarify that I am not “humping” the screen, as it were. I’m merely mashing my junk up against it in appreciation. As of this post I haven’t seen J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek” yet. It was actually occasional HE Podcast guest host and full time Mexican, Alex that got in to a sneak peak (ALLLLLEEEEEX!), but you don’t have to be a half-Betazoid [have you ever stopped to think how ridiculous the word “Betazoid” is? It’s space-donkulous.] to know that this movie is going to rock out with it’s Spock out. Even Ensign Wil Wheaton said, “Star Trek has been reborn, and it is SPECTACULAR.”

I saw J.J. on Colbert a few nights ago. You should watch the clip just to meet Stephen’s Romulan doppelganger. Knowing that J.J. bought one of my Groverfield shirts, I can’t help but assume that he is wearing it under his regular clothes at all times. That practically makes us brothers. He did me a solid by buying my shirt. The least I can do is go see his movie, right?

UPDATE: Apparently this comic shares a title with a PA comic from a few years back. I have been listening to their podcasts, one of which featured said comic. I guess it was in the back of my mind. Oh well.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think? NO SPOILERS!!!

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      • These are the kinds of replies that are worrying me. I am seeing it tomorrow in Imax but I'm really really worried about it being a huge Trek nerd. I plan to just try and disconnect and pretend it's just any SciFi actiony movie.

    • Hell, we all know Joel threw Josh down and kicked him several times just so Joel could be the first to mount the screen. I understand perfectly. Because I would do the same thing. That is, I WILL do the same thing. Next Tuesday. In IMAX.

      • Oh I hear IMAX is a good lay, really knows how to show a man a good time. Especially when she's wearing that Star Trek dress, it shows eeeeverything.

        Can't continue metaphor, must stop silliness.

        I here she's even into group events if you know what I mean.

  1. Okay, surprise quiz, since after a few days rigor may start dissipating…


  2. Because of @wilw & this recommendation, I'm getting my tickets now.

    BTW – what's the etiquette for correcting grammar in the comic? "didn't play too well"…

    Is it left that way as an artist statement, or do you go back and correct? I've always wondered…

  3. I still don't know pretty much anything about Trek, expect that it pretty much created modern fandom and slash and thus I respect it as a popcultural landmark, and all the Spock jokes in Big Bang Theory. And Galaxy Quest. And well, maybe I do know something after all but have never watched any of the series or the movies.

    However if this new, shiny re-boot is even near as awesome as your strip, I'm pretty sure my friday night will be fantastic.


  4. The funny thing is, I can imagine Joel REALLY doing this. Hmm, "doing", ok…

    Now, whenever the Enterprise will appear on screen, I will have to think of Joel's digital butt-crack…

  5. I can’t believe nobody has commented on the Romulan Ale Blue Blast, and the Blood Wine Berry, beverages in those geeks’ hands!
    I would proudly drink either of those over Wolverine Mutant Juice any day.

  6. greg2point0: I would proudly drink either of those over Wolverine Mutant Juice any day.

    Oh, not me. I'd take the Wolvie juice. Provided it's fresh-squeezed, of course.

  7. Comic is great 😉

    I got a good chuckle out of the link to The Onion video review ("Does This Mean They Don't Go Back in Time to Save Orcas?"). Really funny.

    Can't wait to see the movie. I was always a bigger TNG fan (probably because I grew up with it) but I'm looking forward to seeing this original crew reboot.

  8. Yeah I'm going to a showing of The Big Lebowski at a cinema draft house and then off to see midnight showing of Star Trek, it shall be a fantastic night. White russians and Romulan ale all around!

  9. You should visit Jamaica – it's been in the theaters since yesterday (movies upon on Wednesday's here).
    Wolverine also opened here before the US ^^ Am I gloating? A little.

  10. OMG…Just got back from the theatre…Wil's right; Star Trek has been reborn, and it is SPECTACTULAR!!! Personally, I would have gone with a GLORIOUS! Yep, it's a reboot, canon can totally suck it in this one, but you know what? Somehow it's all ok; Unca Spock told me so. 🙂 The first 10 minutes alone take you on an emotional rollercoaster, and it just gets better from there. Funny, exciting, and an absolute blast. I cannot wait to see it again!!!

    • Eh. The existance of alternate universes is canon, thus the movie can be canon. The only thing I cought that was completely inacurate was the use of the Enterprise's mission patch on all of the uniforms. It was originally exclusive to the Enterprise crew and was only adopted by the Federation at large in 2278.

  11. Ok ignore my previous comment. I want to sex up this movie so bad now too. Let's run a train on this thing Joel. I'll even take sloppy seconds, thirds, whatever. It'd been a while since I've had a movie give me multiple nerdgasms.

  12. I did the very same thing last Monday night, needless to say, AMC Northpark theater #8 (or was it #7?) needs a new screen…

    9 out of 10 Tribbles… Firm.

  13. Joel, it feels good now but this movie will not cuddle you afterwards.

    Anyway, this movie rocked, I saw it with my blogger buddies. For some reason my Asian blogger buddies dig Star Trek because Sulu gives them somebody to look up to. That and Sulu + samurai sword blade in fight scene = WIN.

    This movie made me less embarrassed to have watched the first season of the Original Trek.

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