Baltimore Comic-Con 2011 Fancy Sketches

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this Three Wheaton Moon shirt. You can buy it! Then you can wear it! Only two steps to total geeky happiness? Sign me up!

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Baltimore comic-con was a blast, and not the kind where I get shot in the chest and die in my partner’s arms forcing him to avenge me and clean up the mean streets at the same time. Honestly, I had intended to this to be my last year due to slumping sales from 2009 to 2010 but the Fancy Bastards came out in force and made it one of my best cons of the year. Thanks! Special ultimate thanks go to FB’s Adam and Casey for hosting me all weekend, driving me around, and throwing me a wonderful party/FB Meetup and to FB Alex for being my booth babe at the convention. Additional thanks to all of the FB’s who came the meetup. We had burgers, hotdogs, drinks, shitty movies and good times in excess of the legal limit as stipulated by Maryland municipal code. See you next year for BatliMORE! [get it?] #imsorry #dontshootme #iknowyouhaveguns

HEY LOOK!: You asked for it, so I added a “Winter Is Coming” desktop to The Vault. I’ve also added “Chibi Wolverine” and “Three Wheaton Moon” desktops as well. Just make a donation of any amount, or sign up for a recurring donation subscription and you’ll get access. I’ve also added mobile versions of these desktops HERE.


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  1. Harry Kim always seemed like he didn't fit in with the rest of the command crew, like he would be told by every one to meet in 10 forward, but the real party was in one of the holo-decks.

    • [nerd]10 forward was the bar on the Enterprise NCC-1701-D (TNG), not Voyager…[/nerd] I'm sorry. So sorry. I'll retreat to my nerdcave now.

      • Yes, it was much better that they have the party in Neelix's Cafeteria and Shoe Leather Emporium, then referring to a good show that had a real bar in it…

      • I doubt they would actually cast Wil as The Doctor, but then again they Are British.
        Mind you it would not be much of a stretch to have Wil dress as one of the Doctors at a convention of fellow geeks. OMG I can see it now, casting filled wall to wall with geek doctors and actors full of themselves or just needing the job so they can eat next week ….. unleash the hounds of Choas Mwhahahahahahahaaaahaahee

    • I don't think either the character of the Doctor or the actor David TENNANT would consider himself at all above being compared with other individuals for the purpose of humor. Both the character and the man are funny. So are Wil Wheaton, Joel, and this comic. Learn to appreciate that, 'kay?

    • This was FB Adam's book, and the handlers told him that Stan wasnt allowed to do any customizations, just signatures. Some people payed $300 just for a guaranteed chance to talk to him. Adam paid $50 to get to wait in line for half the day and he couldn't write the word he was asked to write. I thought that was pretty shitty.

      • At the end of the day, his handlers asked him if he'd like "a treatment". His face went blank and they took him away,

      • That is pretty lame. I feel like if I was an icon like him, I wouldn't charge nearly that much just to talk to me or get a signature… and if I did charge anything, I'd give it to charity. I'm not saying everyone in that position should do that, but if you're making that much money… why the fuck wouldn't you cut your fans some slack?

        • Maybe the fans should get together and have some handlers of their own – either in pinstripes and armed with restraining orders OR wearing Biker colors and answering to the name of Bu-bah (all of them)

  2. Me: OMG Smilin' Stan Lee! It's an honor to meet you.
    Stan Lee: Greetings, citizen.
    Me: I just want to let you know that you inspired me to do what I do.
    SL: Excelsior! Have you been published?
    Me: Huh? Oh no, Jack Kirby inspired me to do comics. You inspired me to irradiate various animals and let them have a go at me.
    SL: … uh, I …
    Me: I literally have SO much cancer! Leukemia-Man Smash! Or, at least I would, were it not for all the leukemia.

  3. Me not get obsession with Wil W…
    Mefeels annoyed by constant presence of WW.
    Me loves das comic, but WW obsession kinda unfunny.

    • You seem confused. A fan at Baltimore asked me to draw that sketch.

      Regarding other related Wheaton content on this site, he's my friend and we make stuff together and that's one of y favorite things about this amazing job I have. If you dont enjoy it, you are free to discontinue reading and commenting. I certainly dont appreciate your thinly veiled negativity.

  4. Walter is sorely underappreciated in his time. That and if anyone could make science-drugs from Twizzlers, it would be Walter. Soon the goldfish will return, and that will be the end of the third season.

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