SDCC 2011 Fancy Sketches


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The newly relaunched HE Store is up and running over at Blind Ferret. Please go check it out and maybe buy a book or a shirt or something. Shirts will begin shipping soon, now that we are all back from Comic-Con.

I am still recovering from San Diego Comic-Con. I have 100 shout outs and thank you’s to dole out over the next week, but for now I will leave you with these (mostly Doctor Who themed) sketches while I continue to deCONpress and process the amazing events of the last week. This week will probably round out with a couple of regular HE comics, a special HE comic of sorts and an SDCC photo comic over the weekend.

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  1. Welcome home! Put your feet up, etc.
    Loved the con reports/drunktweets/photos, etc.
    Can't wait for the photo comic which may have held-back sekrit photo stash?

  2. I was actually thinking how funny it would be as a shirt when I asked for the Angels have Wil Wheaton sketch. It would actually be really funny as a series of shirts. The Angels have the General Lee, the Angels have Starbuck, the Angels have your mom…

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