Emerald City Comicon 2012 Fancy Sketches

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When a Fancy Bastard at Emerald City Comicon walked up, dropped some delicious monies in my cup and said, “Can you draw Wil Wheaton sitting on a throne of dicks?” he seemed almost puzzled at the speed with which I said, “Yup,” and got to work. It was as if he thought I didn’t have that image fully formed in my mind meer nanoseconds after the words escaped his lips. Everything I had drawn up until that point had prepared me to fully realize the dick throne in two dimensions on paper without the slightest hesitation.

ECCC 2012 was a record convention for sketches. The ones shown above are some of my favorites. I personally drew over 50 commissioned sketches in 3 days. At most shows I do 15 or so max, not including quick book doodles. Of those 50, at least 1/3 if not 1/2 involved Wil Wheaton in some fashion. When he and I are exhibiting at the same show there tends to be this fandom wormhole between our booths. Our mutual fans tend to stop at my booth, get a sketch of Wil doing or saying something questionable, then stand in line for hours to get him to sign it, then return it to me for final approval. It’s pretty awesome to think that there are people in the world that hold us both in a similar regard, or at least consider us both as “people that make neat stuff that I like.”

Last year at Phoenix Comicon, Wil and I had this deal going that I would “sexify” any of his Wesley Crusher headshots. His fans would bring their purchased photos to my booth, and I would essentially ruin them by drawing a beard on Wesley and writing “It’s sexy time!” in a speech bubble. That was one of my favorite things ever.

You can read Wil’s quick write up on the con HERE and see the couple that inspired the Nyan Wheaton drawing HERE.

COMMENTERS: What’s your most prized souvenir, signed item, sketch, etc from a celebrity (internet or otherwise) that you got at a signing or convention? 

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    • Judging solely on how our favorite artist drew that throne, I think it is fair to estimate that he is uncircumcised. I really wish that thought had not popped into my head…. But then again, if it had not, I probably would not be a HE fan anyway….

      • Actually no, like most men born in the 80's I am quite sliced and diced. Those particular dicks are just quickly drawn and thus not very detailed.

  1. I think this is the first time you've featured a My Litte Pony referance in your comics. I would be interested to hear your views on the Brony phenominon, as evryone I've so far spoken to about it has either been a Brony or prefessed a desire to murder all Bronies and rain firey death upon Equestria. It's like marmite for your nerd-tastebuds.

  2. Thanks, Joel, for my morning spit-take: Wil Wheaton sitting on a throne of dicks, clearly not giving a shit about anything. Wow.

    Prized signage? Not sure if this counts as nerdy, but I have an autographed program from a Blue Man Group show. The autograph consists of a blue greasepaint kiss mark with the fingerprints of the middle three fingers underneath.

  3. I nearly snorted coffee out my nose at the Rowsdower sketch.

    I didn't even have to think twice about my prized signed item. It's a leather-bound, gold leaf edition of the "More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide" that Douglas Adams signed to me at a university bookstore signing back in 1993. It currently sits in a place of honor on the mantel over my fireplace.

  4. My favorite item from a con is my photo with James Doohan at my first Star Trek Con. I was probably 12 or 13. The woman in line ahead of me asked if I could take her picture and then If I'd like her to take mine with him. This was back in the days of film cameras mind you, no digital cameras or email. I snapped the picture, and the sat down next to Jimmy who grabbed me and gave me a big hug. She took the picture and I gave the lady my address. I'd pretty much forgotten about it untill well over six months later a package arrived in my mailbox with duplicates of all the photos she took during that convention – including the one of me with Scotty.

  5. My prized con possession is a photograph of JonnyAce getting his back signed by Jewel Staite, and she's laughing about it. Super happy memory for me.

    Non-con, my autographed copy of American Gods that Neil Gaiman sent to me after I was a finalist in the contest to win a part in the new audiobook version.

  6. It was my poster filled with 61 different sketches from comic artists, but now the board game of sketches and signatures from conventions that I am making is winning my heart. Thank you for drawing Wil Wheaton doing a Kermit Flail for the game! I'll be posting a blog with pictures of the board as soon as it is complete.

  7. Ben Edlund yanked my little yellow notebook out of my hands and drew a headshot of The Tick yelling "Spoon!" without me even having said hello yet.
    Still have that notebook. Then he chided me for bringing my unopened Dinosaur Neil action figure. He says I should have opened it. He also signed my Sega Tick game cover, and then complained that he was never able to finish the game. (I didn't either.) I'm pretty sure I lost the sega game in one of my many moves.

  8. I havent had too many souvenirs signed, but at Otakon 2010, I was first in line for Vic Mignona.
    I was cosplaying the 111th Doctor, with my own miniature TARDIS, and when the impromptu signing was announced a few rooms down the hall, I hoisted it over my head, shouted Geronimo and watched the crowd follow.

    When I finally got it signed, I plopped the cardboard TARDIS on the desk and more or less demanded "Sign my Time Machine!" Pretty sure that was a first for him

  9. The only way the Thrones of Dicks sketch could be better is if Wil Wheaton had the same pose as Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones posters. Instead of the sword Ice, he's holding a dick.

    • Oh great. Now I'm visualizing the credits from Game of Thrones except it's that great theme music played over these dicks on the throne going up and down all steampunky-like. It's like the horses on some mad carousel.

  10. I shall treasure my Rowsdower as he would treasure a bologna sandwich. And in a similar fashion, he is on the wall by my front door so he is now the first thing people see when they come in and the last thing they see as they leave. Rowsdower be with you, Joel.

  11. I was thinking 'A Game of Wangs' reference, myself. Although that Throne of Testeros is pretty funny.

    No autographs for myself – I don't believe in collecting 'em. I figure, if I ever forget I met someone famous whose performance I enjoyed, chances are, I'll forget I got a piece of paper signed as well. But I did get a picture with Jewel Staite once, and regressed to 12 years old when shaking Peter Mayhew's immense hand. (OMG CHEWBACCA)

  12. These sketches are great, Joel. That Dalek is probably saying: I AM HERE TO EXTERMINATE YOUR CLOGS!!! EXTERMINATE!!! EXTERMINATE!!! Don't they always shout their dialogue anyway?

    Anyway, I was at WonderCon 25 in 2011, and even though Grant Morrison was supposed to be there, but wasn't, I brought my hardcover of BATMAN: R.I.P. to be signed & I got the penciler, Tony Daniel, to sign it, & I was the last in line before he left! I also got Judd Winick to sign all 6 issues I had of Red Hood: The Lost Days and that one issue od Batman/Superman he wrote, and Geoff Johns signed my hardcover of Green Lantern: Secret Origins. I forgot to get him to sign my friend's copy of Green Lantern: Rebirth the day Johns was there, but I think getting my friend Marv Wolfman's autograph & Paul Levitz to sign Green Lantern: Rebirth the next day made up for it, sort of. I even had some nice little chats with those guys, after some buttering up and schmoozing.

  13. I came here to chew bubblegum and be a pedant… and I'm all out of bubblegum (no, wait, I have some in my jacket pocket!)
    The Riddler is telling a JOKE not a RIDDLE!

    Go stand in the naughty corner JW 😛

    • Nit: "… some in my jacket pocket" just means you were incorrect. Pedantry is about imprecision. Your line should have been:

      I came here to chew bubblegum and be a pedant… and I'm all out of bubblegum (no, wait, I never had any bubblegum to begin with!)

      Then there are the various punctuation nits, but I won't bring those up because I'm a pedant, not an asshole.

  14. That'd have to be the Doctor Who 'The Key to Time', 21st anniversary hardcover, signed by Jon Pertwee. One day I will find a way to have all the other Doctors sign it as well….

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