The doorbell? But I’m not expecting anyone…


Check that out! They look fantastic. I’m wearing my “Roslin ’08” shirt right now. Today I am picking up a printer for shipping labels and a postage scale. The plastic shirt envelopes I ordered to ship these in should arrive early next week. Once I have those, this batch will be heading out to all you Fancy Bastards. Thank you, again for your patience.

International FB’s, thank you for your contined patience since I have no idea when yours will actually arrive. All I know is that I will be sending them out with the North America shirts. I’ll post the date I  ship them on the site. Please let me know how long thy take to arrive so I can add international estimates to the Store FAQ.

Please send pictures of you wearing your shirts when they arrive. I’ll be posting them on the site soon. 

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  1. You really should cash in on this final cylon business. They keep telling us all will be revealed every week and it never is. So I'm thinking a shirt that takes off on that. "I'm the final cylon", or maybe "The final cylon" with a picture of a toaster with the trademark red light sweep (like the talking toaster from Red Dwarf, only evil). Or "I banged the final cylon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". Or "The final cylon" with the Galactica shown from the front with the red light sweep. Or "Jesus is the final cylon". You know, nothing too offensive.

  2. I know I can get 4XL's from my supplier, but the image will be quite small on that large of a shirt. Not sure if that is a concern or not. Let me know what you want and Ill see what they say.

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