Shipping update and help needed!

All shirts ordered from April 22nd to May 9th are out the door.


The “Holodeck is for Porn” shirts look awesome.

I need your help on a couple of issues:

1) I ordered a Ladies 2XL Baby Doll “Godspeed You Fancy Bastard” shirt and have it in my posession. I can’t find an order, email, or Paypal payment that goes with it. If this is yours, please let me know because somehow I have lost your order. If no one claims it and you want it, place an order and I will ship it right away.

2) Anyone have any idea why my LJ Syndication Feed is borked?
FB, Serenity Valley alerted me to the issue.  It either says “Too Big” or “Parse Error” as the reason for its borkedness.

I didn’t create this feed and I have no access to make changes to it. The XML link goes to the right feed, so I have no idea what to do.

3) Just a heads up, but I noticed HE Podcast #3 had less than half of the downloads of #2 and #4, so I check it out and the MP3 was named weird. I bet this jacked with iTunes or something, so I fixed it. If you want to give it a listen the working link should be here.

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  1. I ordered a 2x womens (not the babydoll) "magically fabulous", but not the other one. Can't help you there, but if no one claims it, I might be interested even though it's a little small.

  2. Got my GSYFB shirts a few days ago–thanks!

    Just wondering: would it be expensive to put the site address on the Ts? I think it'd be great to have it on there somewhere.

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