If only there was a place…

…where HijiNKS Ensue readers could get together and discuss their favorite movies, tv shows, internets and video games… if only.

Wait, what?! There is?!

Ok, enough pretense. Theres a Fancy Bastard Forum now. It’s been up in secret for a few days while a smallish group of FB’s helped me work out some of the major bugs, and FB Bill will be helping out as a moderator. There are also a few more FB’s that have offered to moderate should the need for more mods arrise. It’s built on Vanilla, which is a light weight and easy platform with lot’s of available functionality through add-ons and extenstions.


The forum is still basically in beta, if you will, so use the approriate threads to let me know if there are bugs that need to be resolved or features that you would like to see implimented.

Head over and sign up. You can read some of the great discussions already posted while you wait for your account to be approved. Please read the basic rules (don’t be a jerk, don’t start fights, etc), and have fun.

One of theĀ  things I enjoy most about making HijiNKS Ensue is the community that has grown around the comic. You don’t typically see a group like the Fancy Bastards attach themselves to comics that have been around for 5 years, much less 1. You guys are witty and creative and add to the enjoyment of each comic with your comments and discussions. You are geeks among men, and you deserve a place to call your own. The FBF is my gift to you. Please use it wisely and respectfully.

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  1. I looked through the addons to see if there was one that supported OpenID but didn't find anything. Worst case scenario I suppose is that someone (maybe me if I could actually find the time [about as likely as me winning the lotto]) has to write the extension. If the thing was done in Java I'd probably be more inclined to give it a whirl, but it's PHP based, and although I've worked with the language in the past, I find its pseudo-object oriented style (it really is object oriented, the language just doesn't make it easy to write it that way) to be like nails on a chalkboard. Adding to the difficulty I'd have to install Vanilla on a server somewhere to do testing of the extension lest I break someones server.

    I think I'm going to go sit in the corner now and dream of a world with a proper public key infrastructure, suitable open standards based ID systems, and secure infrastructure starting with DNS-SEC. And as long as I'm dreaming free energy.

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