1. Yeah. It's really unfortunate that the X-Box is currently the best system out there now. Nintendo doesn't have hardly anyone developing for it, and the PS3 is still way too expensive. But the fact that it is so unstable has left me leaning more towards buying the PC versions and giving my PS2 and GameCube the love.

  2. Considering the xbox 360 elite is $350, and the 80gb version of the ps3 is $400, it's not the huge gap it used to be. Unless you mean the shitty 360 arcade version that has no harddrive for like $180 or something.

  3. I think you should make "Eli dies" and "Joel dies" tags too.

    And I wonder what a smoldering forehead would smell like, exactly. Maybe hamburger, perhaps?

  4. So the new dashboard turns your xbox into predator. Nice touch with the smoke, plus bonus points for the all the blood.

    Ive been reading about all the weird shit happening after the update but it worked fine for me. Couldnt make a convincing Dude with it though, will have to try again. Im just glad I can install games now.

  5. it's been awhile since me or eli had a RROD. although our friend Jeramy (once featured in HE long, long ago) and Mikey have both had a RR in the last month.

  6. Hooray for not having internet that connects me to Live right now. Otherwise I'd be staring at the spot where my 360 was pissed that I can't play Fallout 3 and Fable II thanks to the NXE that's crashed two of my friend's 360s.

  7. Other than the fact that installing Burnout Paradise does nothing whatsover for load times, I have no issues with my 360. Never had the RROD. Course, I've just tempted fate and am now about to switch the damn thing on and have it meltdown on me.

  8. The X-Box still has a wider number of games being developed for it compared to the PS3. Even though it is very shoddily made, it still seems to be more cost-effective, compared to what the PS3 has.

  9. If you count the PS2 games, and the original Xbox games though, PS3 wins 🙂

    I'm just saying, if price was your sole reason to exclude the PS3, that reason is pretty much moot now a days. They both have their plusses and cons, and I totally don't wanna debate them (I have a PS3/Wii, a friend has a Wii/360, and another has the PS3/360, and we all think the others made the wrong choice lol).

  10. That might be an opinion, as for every person that says that, there is one for the PS1/2 😀

    Generally, you don't hear 'Microsoft' and 'workmanship' in the same sentence though, unless you have the words 'dont have' somewhere in there.

    Like I said, I didn't want to get into a 'which system is better' argument, was only stating that if price was your ONLY means of picking, then that reason is dying out.

  11. My dashboard works great, then again it already experienced the RROD was fixed long ago. I remember MS delayed it try and ensure it doesn't brick any boxes, but the RROD is supposed to be just for hardware problems.

  12. But the Original Xbox's games were just so much better in every sense. There may not have been as many, but the graphics and workmanship that went into most of the games was heads above that of the playstation.

  13. Xbox said they're going to fix the Netflix thing and add somemore avatar stuff sometime next year in another update. Also did anybody else turn they're avatar into a psuedo james bond villian?

  14. My friend just got that 80GB PS3, and he says it won't play PS2 games. Says it right on the box that PS2 games are incompatible. There's a high chance he's just being stupid, but if it's true, then I think 360 pulls ahead a bit (I have neither, though. I got just got a Wii, and I think it was the wrong choice for me). But like you said, everyone has different reasons. Backlog might not matter for some.

  15. Well, a friend of mine has the 80gb.. and plays ps2 games. I know because he borrows mine. It would be retarded to make them all not be able to play the older games. The 40gb is one of the newer models (came out in 20/60, then 40/80, now 160) that will not play older games.

  16. I think you should create "Eli dies" and "Joel dies" labels too.
    And I wonder what a smoldering temple would fragrance like, exactly. Maybe burger, perhaps?

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