1. shouldnt there be a final panel in which Josh ruins everything for you anyway because he'll give away all the spoilers? that way everyone wins, and that is how our friendships work.

  2. You guys as insects are great. Josh has less than a year to get his Joshhopper costume ready for Halloween. I'm looking forward to it.

    Antie Joel looks chipper enough to be in a Disney film. Or an ad for prescription mood elevators.

  3. I can second the vouch for The Big Bang Theory. The geeky humor is surprisingly well done. They must have some true super-geeks on the writing staff. I almost didn't watch the show because I thought it was going to be a bunch of really bad and outdated "make fun of nerds" jokes. But it's more like a bunch of really good "laugh with the nerds" jokes that are very current.

    Plus, there's a super hot blonde girl that is rarely appropriately dressed.

  4. oddly enough i have been waiting to watch a few of those shows as well… PLEASE no actor strike though… as much as Heroes sucks compared to the first season, i still don't want it to disappear forever… and it will if there's another strike… no doubt about it.

  5. The books are good, and the only season I've watched (I think there might be only that one) is really good as well. Bob is not just an incorporeal skull but can take human form, albeit again incorporeal.

  6. Fear the PINCERS!
    Also, your "stored" TV: do you mean DVR recordings or DVD box sets? And what do you have against Big Bang Theory? You're all about geek humor & so r they! Anyways, the last panel is EPIC WIN!!!

  7. Hey, things can only get better with Doomsday in it! Also, Clark & Lois have great chemistry together. How can you not at least grin when they bicker?

  8. No, someone with an accent would have to be the evil grasshopper, 'cause, you know, people with accents are evil. You need a real Amurican fer the hero. Someone like … Hayden Christensen!

  9. thanks, i havent noticed it, by the time i start looking i was in a mentLOL state

    READ it in SPANISH at spanishgeek.wordpress.com

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