You And I’ll Just Use A Little Patience

With this comic, I might be foretelling my own future since I will be at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle (March 28-30, 2014) with my good friend David Willis and I don’t expect we’ll actually get any work done since we’ll just be holding hands and singing “Let It Go” into each other’s faces all weekend. Assuming we take a couple of brakes to rehydrate and let our pipes rest (yes PIPES… shut up), we’ll be in the webcomics section right next to Cyanide & Happiness.

Also I will be putting on my first ever solo comicon panel! It will be all about The Experiment, and I am SUPER excited. I did a version of this talk at Bumbershoot this year and it went over really well, but in order for it to be successful I need BUTTS IN SEATS! SEATBUTTS! If you’re coming to the con, Seattle Fancy Bastards, you GOTTA COME to this panel. I am also doing a live drawing panel with my Cyanide & Happiness friends. More info on both panels HERE

Just in tine for Valentimes, my wife made a Kissing Pacman and Ms. Pacman necklace. She would also be happy to make it in double Pacmens or Pacladies configurations. She’s also updated her Game Of Thrones house necklaces to include House Targaryen (in addition to House Stark and House Lannister).

COMMENTERS: When are you the least patient? When others are freaking out with impatience, when are you the only one keeping their cool?

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  1. Trying to get my girls (5 and 3.5) dressed and out the house in the morning. Time speeds up for me and Mum, but crawls to a halt for them. How can it take 10 minutes to put one leg through a leg hole of a pair of underpants? How????

    • "How can it take 10 minutes to put one leg through a leg hole of a pair of underpants? How????"

      Never been really drunk?

      • Where did I hear this before? (and I paraphrase)

        Children are the equivalent of drunk midgets. They say crazy things, easily fall over, and often pee themselves. They have no sense of time, seem to lose simple motor skills at random intervals, and frequently pass out.

        I have had many a drunken excursion in my past, and now have children. I can attest that all of the above is true.

  2. I'm actually fairly calm when it comes to getting off the airplane. I just tend to leave my 3ds on and keep playing until most of the airplane has cleared off. Unless, of course, I'm in the aisle seat and have two agitated people trying to hurry me up next to me.

    I find I'm most impatient when I'm waiting on the bus. Gameboy or no, I continue to glare down the street every few minutes.

  3. "When are you the least patient?"

    Any time I'm playing for the time being wasted, or if I really have to use the bathroom.

    "When others are freaking out with impatience, when are you the only one keeping their cool?"

    Oddly enough any time I'm in line for something, mainly because then I can enjoy watching others slowly lose their minds.

  4. "When are you least patient?"

    When I'm walking anywhere in a public place, and get stuck behind a group of people who are just moseying along at a snail's pace, and spread out so that they're taking the entire width of the area, making it impossible for anyone to get around them. It doesn't matter if I'm in a hurry or not, I just hate being forced to shuffle along at a ridiculously slow pace. It makes me want to hurt people.

    "When are you the only one keeping their cool?''

    I don't know about being the only one, but I usually tend to wait till other people around me clear out before attempting to debark from an airplane, unless I have a tight connection (or have to pee. :-D) I tend to prefer window seats, so I'm not usually in anybody's way, and I figure it's considerate to allow those who are on a tight schedule (or have to pee) to get off first.

    Weirdly, I'm always impatient about waiting for checked baggage, regardless of if I have any reason to be in a hurry or not.

    • If you mean "Everything is Awesome", yeah, after watching The LEGO Movie last Saturday, and that's been stuck in my head all weekend. Not that I'm complaining. It gives me some pep in my step.

  5. I work in a call centre doing Internet tech support, and I am fucking impatient with most of the people who call in, but, over the phone at least (when they can't see my expression, lol) I am really good at hiding it. Most of the time they thank me for being so patient with them. "No problem," I say; "it's what we're hear for."

    Meanwhile, inside I am screaming, "How does it take you ten minutes, honestly, literally, ACTUALLY TEN MINUTES to find the fucking KEYBOARD?!!?" I swear I actually had that happen on a call the other day. I just wanted them to go [Ctrl] + O, which in IE opens a little thingie they can type the url into, because a good 80% of the people I talk to each day can't find the address bar to save their lives, and I was, I swear, actually saying to them, "It's the thing with all the buttons with the letters on it! It's on your desk, right in front of you! YOU HAVE YOUR HANDS ON IT RIGHT NOW! You know when you go to write an email, right, and you type in "hi" and you do that by hitting the buttons with the H and the I on it–that thing! The keyboard! It's right there! You type on it!"

    Ten minutes in, they finally go, "Oh, the KEYBOARD!"

    Thank the gods I can fake patience really, really well (and I suppose have a certain amount of real patience, although I'm pretty certain it's actually just a heightened sense of absurdity) or you'd have heard of like at least three rampages by now.

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