The new “Dark Phoenix Saga” is when Jean Grey goes nuts and starts posting naked pictures of herself on Twitter.

This will probably be the last comic this week (ie no comic on Friday) since I only have a few days left before HE Book 1 (pictured below… maybe you should preorder it) has to be finalized and sent to the printer. Thanks for understanding (and for preordering the book… please. go. do it now).

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  1. A.W.E.S.O.M.E! some of the last couple of days "Disney/Marvel" mash-ups have been very sad – this really ties the room together =)

  2. The Jonas Brotherhood of Evil Mutants actually looks like the Jonas Brothers. I don't know if I should be impressed or slap you.

  3. I haven't seen High School Musical or the X-Men movies, so I'm a bit confused here. I don't even know who the Jonas Brothers are. But i still see what you did there with the pun.

    I really have to catch up on the loop with Western media, being stuck in animebloggerland does that to you. I'll always remember you, Walt Disney, just not for the films made after your death. Because that Lion King fiasco was totally not your fault, it was your brother's.

    Now we look forward to Marvel films which actually capture the original audience of Marvel comics, children, instead of grimmer and grittier movies based on Ghost Rider.

    • No thats bad for most of us as that would suck. I didn't get into comics tell i was 20 and reading comics from 15 – 20 years ago is really boring. This purchase saddens me as it probably means Marvels few good titles well get dumbed down for kids.

      • Keep in mind, this is also the company that owns ABC and Touchstone, and those are definitely not "dumbed down for kids." Funny webcomic reimaginings aside, the Disney company is as grown up as Viacom (Nickelodeon and Comedy Central) or Turner (Cartoon Network and TBS).

    • I don't, personally – look forward to those potential films, that is. That is, at least not in general, but I did actually let High School Musical taint my eyes (and ears) at one point, and it wouldn't have made X-Men III any *worse*… Also, Fantastic Four would make as much sense if Dr Doom was actually Dr. Donald Duck and not Dr. Christian Troy.

  4. I was as shocked as all of you were on reading the news. they say they'll keep letting Marvel do their own thing with their characters, but I'm still on edge about. Today's comic took that edge off, especially Wolverine's funky dreads 'n bell-bottoms. Now, only time will tell if this is but a vision of the future (and not the Timothy Zahn novel)

  5. Wow, this might be my favorite HE so far! You did a bang up job on all the characters, even if I'm terrified of the Jonas Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

  6. The melding of the Jonas Bros shitty hipster attire and the superhero costumes is genius. Also I especially like black Wolverine.

  7. Not that I care at all about HSM, but I wouldn't mind seeing Vanessa Hudgens as Storm.

    Not in a movie, though, in my bedroom.

    And not in a costume, but in my bed.

    I wanna do Vanessa Hudgens, I guess is the point I'm trying to make here.

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