The Plastic (guitar) Ono Band

[reddit-me]9/9/09 may be a a banner day for plastic guitar enthusiasts and Beatles fans alike, but when it comes to sacred gaming days involving a succession of 9’s nothing beats 9/9/99. Pour one out and break a GD-Rom in half for our fallen homey.

Comment-wise: What do you think about The Beatles Rock Band? Is it worth the custom vintage style instruments or would you rather just have the game? Also, what do you think Apple is going to announce today (if you care about such things)? Will they use the dual significance of this date to lauch the Beatles on iTunes? Will you buy “The White Album” for the 7th time?


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  1. So who's a better singer in real life Yoko or Denise?
    And no I don't think its worth it because I can buy a whole new gaming system for $ 250. I guess I'm not their target market of boomers who's investments didn't crash.

  2. Hey, didn't you know that Yoko-hate is over? It's all about hating Courtney Hole for breaking up Nirvana. Because if I was married to that starfucker, I'd kill myself too.

  3. I've spent far too much on Beatles albums over the years. They've taken all the money they will from me…I may download them and see how great the difference is though.

      • How's it racist to have the ONLY female cast member play the female part in the Beatles story? To immediately make a link between Yoko and Denise based on the shape of their eyes, might I suggest you're the racist?

        Just a thought.

        And this isn't me making a personal attack, I'm just tired of politically-incorrect links being made where there are none – most political correctness stems from the underlying racism of those who create the legislation and it pisses me off. An example: our company produce a training video called "Working in the hours of darkness". We were forced to change it to "Working in low ambient light conditions" because "darkness" could be taken as racist.

        WTF?? I'm sorry, but if for one minute you hear "darkness" and you think "nigger" then the only racist is YOU.

        • Well in the podcast the running joke is all the friendly racist jokes they make about each other. Whether it be Eli is a Mexican so he'll be over to mow your lawn tomorrow or Denise used to live in a grass hut, but it's all in good fun. Joel and crew live by the motto that everything is funny or nothing is funny. I happen to agree.
          Racism…yummy racism nom nom nom… ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. The dialogue in this one is freaking golden, man. I love the first panel argument, and the third panel punch is equally great.

    In terms of the game in question, I'm opting to just get the game disc and be done with it. My Rock Band 2 peripherals will suit me just fine for my faux-rock experience.

    • I still have all the stuff that came with my copy of ROCK BAND. That'll suite me just fine, but I may need more mikes for the multiple vocals

  5. I grew up on The Beatles and I am the walrus is one of my favourite songs, so this comic is instant brilliance. And the Denise Ono joke is maybe cruel but damn funny. Does she start making weird art then? Goo-goo-good job, Joel!


  6. Great strip, Joel… but I would be remiss if I reminisced about the White Album, instead I want to share about about my white console.

    I was a little late to the Dreamcast party. It was Fall 2001, my first semester of College, when I purchased mine at Best Buy for a paltry $50. They were clearancing them out, since the console had been discontinued for the better part of six months at that point. One of the Blue Shirts saw me picking it up and told me to get a PS2, since the Dreamcast was dead and they wouldn't be making any new games for it anymore. I didn't take his advice, and I'm very glad I didn't.

    The Dreamcast was the first console that I ever owned. Don't get me wrong, I grew up playing NES, SNES, and Genesis, but those were my family's consoles, they stayed at their house when I moved into my first apartment. Along with the console, I picked up a few titles, also clearanced down to a svelte $15, among them were Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, and Soul Calibur. I would add many more later, but those 4 titles cemented my knowledge that I had made the right decision by going Dreamcast instead of the in-vogue PS2. I took it home and immediately hooked it up to my little 13" TV, the now-familiar Swirl and annoying VMU beeps greeting me for the first time of many.

    The bulk of my close friends and I went to the local community college. Looking back, I really do think those two years were the halcyon days of my life. We were all at that stage of our life where we had achieved independence but hadn't yet accumulated the responsibilities that begin to drag you down. My little attic apartment was situated conveniently close to the college, and there were always friends coming and going. We'd play Magic and watch movies, but mostly we played Soul Calibur. It was the defining activity of this wonderful time. There would be four or five of us patiently waiting our turn to take on the winner. We each had our own characters and our styles of playing; sometimes one of us would figure out some new strategy that would send us on a winning streak, but we would eventually adapt and come up with our own strategies. If one of us would be having a particularly rough stretch, off would come our jacket or shoes to signify that we were "getting serious". I could still rattle of everyone's primary, secondary, and tertiary characters they fought with and which characters they despised above others. For something I spent $15 on, I got over a thousand hours of entertainment out of.

    We played more than just Soul Calibur on our little Machine of Wonder. Early on I picked up Power Stone 2, Armada, and Skies of Arcadia. The first two I would play for many hour with my friends. The latter I would play into the wee hours of the morning on those special nights where I didn't have anywhere to be before noon the next day. I knew when light started coming through the small windows of the door that it was time to hang up the controller for the night.

    Such times can't last though, eventually we all started moving on from the College, some of us to various Universities, others to Full-Time employment and the start of the rest of our lives. I eventually picked up other consoles and other friends. I traded my 13" TV for a HD Big Screen, that now has a Wii and an Xbox 360 hooked into it. I play mostly single-player titles now. For all the extra features they now offer, whether it's HD graphics, Motion Controls or built-in Wi-Fi; they just can't compare to the amount of fun I had playing the now ten-year-old console, that was supposedly dead when I bought it, but still managed to provide me thousands of hours of entertainment.

  7. I just found out that comments over a certain word count are moderated. Interesting.

    So, would it be appropriate to shout after a long session of playing the Beatles Video Game, "I've got blisters on my thumbs!!"?

    No? Okay.

  8. LEAVE YOKO ALONE! *sobs* You're lucky she even PERFORMS for you fancy bastards! She broke up the Beatles, her husband died and everybody hates her! She struggled to gain recognition in her own right with her own solo career!

    *Chris Crocker rant OVER* Poor Denise. It's such a cruel joke but it works well. I hope she took this comic in good humor.

  9. OMFG Denise as Yoko Oh-shit-No is th best concept you've had since spoiler-free carbonite.

    Let's just say that I'm glad I bought my copy of the game on store credit and not with actual money. For all the press-gasms that went on since the project was announced, all the game is is "Here, here's a pissant selection from the most famous catalogue in the world, and all you can do with it is play it. No imports, no fun with NPCs, no mention of drugs, discord or sithspawn girlfriends allowed."

    Anymore I wish I had bought the Beatles' remastered catalogue instead of this game, or even just a reissued copy of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to petition Harmonix to make "It Don't Come Easy" a Rock Band 2 download.

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