1. N = (Wiimo – Emo) * Marketing

    Am I close?

    The first panel in this strip is classic. I especially enjoyed the Gender, Pants Gender, and I Cut Myself categories. “So is that a ‘No’?” was very well timed, cutting Emoboy off before he could continue his rant. Love this one.

  2. @AJ

    Its just a REALLY fun haircut to draw. i cant help it.

    You are SO close but you forgot to account for the curvature of the plane or something.

    You found the Eater Eggs!

  3. Ha! Quite the jubilant yarn, most quite!

    But for real, this makes me want to try wii bowling after cutting myself to see how much it bleeds. It’s extra fun because the blood loss will probably keep you from the tenth frame.

  4. @Cyn
    I havent seen you in these parts in WAY too long. thanks for resurfacing!

    Would you go as far as to say “ripping fine”? because that would make my day.

    Um, what you are talking about is called “Seattle Rules” Wii Sports. I guess I can invite you to the next meet up.

  5. The funny thing about Mii’s is that there are always certain characters that I see in everyone’s Wii, as if they were universal figures, and those are Jesus and Hitler. Usually both. A friend of mine even had a “Bad Jesus.” I took it to understand that he was more mischievous than regular Jesus, but not quite as bad as Hitler.

  6. @denise
    Bad Jesus is 10 hundred times worse than regular Hitler. It goes like this (where > = “worse than”)

    Regular Hitler > Regular Jesus
    Bad Jesus > Regular Hitler
    Bad Jesus > Super Hitler > Regular Jesus
    Cyborg Hitler > Bad Jesus
    Cyborg Jesus > (all)

  7. @Jacob
    I was thinking more of an AFI soundtrack. If we’re going with P.Roach I’m going to have to start my paperwork all over again.

  8. Joel, thanks for explaining the intricacies of evil folk. I totally forgot about their cyborg modes.

    I think I’ve figured out the formula:
    N = [(Wiimo – Emo) * Marketing] ^ |sin(x)| + flavin

  9. I have a TI-89, but I’ll be damned if I know how to do much more than multiply with it.

    “Oh men” – classic! Use it in a comic before someone else does!

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