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The book has to be to the printer in EARLY JANUARY so if you want an Ultimate Fancy Edition AND you want your name in the book, you need to order NOW. There are about half of the 150 UFE’s left and I really need to sell ALL OF THEM to get the print run covered. Show your support for HE and preorder the shit out of Book 2!

I DID IT! I FINALLY STARTED WATCHING DOCTOR WHO! Fitting I made this leap on the final day of the year considering it was in the final comic of 2009 where I admitted never having watched it and made it seem like I never would. I just felt SO VERY BEHIND that I feared any attempt to acclimate myself to the series would seem like posing. You know what? That’s stupid person talk. If you think you’ll like something, try it the hell out.

So when I noticed a 20+ episode marathon of The Good Doctor last night on BBC America, I decided to jump in the TARDIS feet first. It was surprisingly roomy on the inside, and oddly enough, the first episode I saw was indeed “Blink,” which is the one most Who fans had recommended I start with. I made it through about 6 David Tennant episodes before falling asleep, but the rest are on the DVR. I don’t know if it was my peripheral pop-culture knowledge of the series’ mythos or my general proclivity toward scifi but I found it surprising easy to get into. Within 2 episodes I felt like The Doctor was a fond and familiar character. I watched all the from “Blink” through The Master‘s resurrection and (apparent) death. I gotta say, I’m hooked. You were right. You were all right. I apologize.

Why does it seem like the BBC cares so much more about scifi than American television does? Next year they are going to have at least 4 scifi series running and they only have 4 freaking channels. I am interested to check out Outcasts, but Primeval looks silly. Maybe scifi is just more ingrained in British culture. Brits (and the BBC) seem to understand the concept of starting slow and letting a series build over time. What do you think? COMMENTS AWAY!

Also, have a happy and safe new year. Think about what you would like to accomplish in 2011 and get started on that shit TOMORROW! Take a small step towards your goal each day, and prioritize everything else accordingly. That is, unless you wake up hung over in an alley behind a Shoney’s. Then you should probably wait until the 2nd to get started on your grand plans. Get a clean shirt too. You can’t go conquering the world covered in celebratory hobo puke.

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