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Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Book 2!!!


The book has to be to the printer in less than 2 weeks so if you want an Ultimate Fancy Edition AND you want your name in the book, you need to order NOW. I am also taking the UFE’s down from 200 to 150 signed and numbered packs due to slower than expected preorders and the impending deadline. Around 50% of the UFE’s are left. Show your support for HE and preorder the shit out of Book 2!

The situation of my new relationship with “the best show on television (from what I’ve been hearing from the entire world over the last year)” isn’t quite as dier as the one depicted in the panels above. I noticed a few episodes of Breaking Bad airing tonight on AMC and realized that, yes, they are running them two a night in order to allow Johnny Methhead come lately’s such as myself to catch up. Unfortunately the first episode I saw was the season 2 premiere, so I need to procure and speed-watch season 1 before I face the onslaught of 10 or so new episodes a week that are currently filling my DVR. I would ask your opinion of the show (feel free to post it in the comments) but there seems to be only one universal opinion towards the program. That it is (as stated earlier) the best show in television. I will do my due dilligence and report back to you in some sort of follow up capacity.

Keep an eye on my Twitter feed on new years eve as that we may record a new episode of the HE Podcast and we might just stream all or parts of it live on the internet. No promises yet, as plans are still developing.

I just realized that my next comic will be the last of 2010 and the last of a potential Book 3. Hmmm… how to go out with a bang? Murder-suicide? Wedding? Murder-Wedding? Suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Having only watched the last ten min of one of the episodes I have become intrigued with this show. I also need to play catch up. Perhaps i could use that big bag of meth and just watch it all on fast forward.

  2. Possible big last comic: take a whole bunch of awesome movie endings and mash them together until it makes sense. Also use your people.Possible big last comic: take a whole bunch of awesome movie endings and mash them together until it makes sense. Also use your people.

    Just a suggestion.

  3. Last comic of the year: The Mayans forgot to "carry the one" and the world ends on New Year's Eve 2010. Quetzlcoatle returns to bathe the world in flame and serpents. However, upon seeing the state the world is in, he figures someone must have beat him to it. He decideds to settle down in suburbia with two wacky roommates and a dog that talks, but only he can hear him. Hijinks ensue.

    • No, Joel wakes up in the Dollhouse, which is really a closet in the Fox executive's office, to him plotting with <insert B grade writer or director> who will take <insert name good show that Fox has murdered> that will be made into a movie by either Michael Bay, M. Night Shamalama-ding-dong, or Uwe Bowle.
      Then cut to Josh and Eli getting dressed up as extras from <Tron, Ironman, Thor, Green Lantern, etc> to go and save him in the nick of time.
      I smell a cliffhanger….!

  4. Breaking Bad – awesome show, been watching since day 1. (or is that ep 1?)
    Yes, things went horribly bad on the last season of Malcolm in the Middle. 🙂

    Last comic: An ode to awesome shows we lost in 2010. One panel each. And if the show wasn't awesome but you can make a great joke, go for it. And if the show isn't quite lost yet (Fringe) but you wish to include it, go for it.
    Oh, but every "show" should look like or refer to LOST (the show).
    BTW, I just came up with a great Fringe spin-off idea: Walternate's Island.

  5. I've seen the whole first season and about half of the second season of Breaking Bad. It's a good show, but hardly the best on television.

    It kind of wears me out actually. It's really dark, in a sad sort of way, and there often isn't enough humor to balance it out.

  6. Why have a homicide or suicide when you can have a wedding-cide?

    No, I have no idea what that means either. But I just wanted to post to encourage your Hedwig-on-a-ukelele tendencies, expressed earlier on Twitter.

  7. I like your idea for the show "things got dark on Malcolm in the middle" better than the actual show. It is about a cancer-ridden dude trying to store up money for his family – by making meth. Which sounds cool. But after a while (not a very long while) it's just some bald douche being a drug dealer.

  8. Re. final comic of the year-

    Weren't you going to kill Josh this year? From the third panel, things seem to be heading in that direction…

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