Who You Gonna Cast?

UPDATE: Ok, so maybe this movie isn’t happening after all.

Thanks to Fancy Bastard Patrick Kovacich for suggesting “Perfect Strangers” as the worst possible pinball machine ever.

I think the idea of a Judd Apatow produced “Ghostbusters” 3 is perfect. I really hope be brings together the Apatow Dream Team to make this one a gem. They also need the “butthole pleasures/alligator fuckhouse” indian dude from “40 Year Old Virgin” to play… Gozer. Sure.

Fanboy herecy or the perfect continuation of a beloved geek franchise? Send in the comments!

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  1. As long as the original cast is involved in some capacity I'm game. It's a much better prospect now than it was back in the mid 90s when they were trying to develop it with Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler potentially being new Ghostbusters.

    • I agree. I'd be game for a 3rd movie. I just saw Ghostbusters II recently and I was pretty amazed at the effects even back then. To bring them back for one last hurrah would be pretty sweet.

  2. God damn it.

    Dan Akroyd has some bizarre love obsession with Seth Rogen. I swear to god, if GB3 ends with Dan Akroyd dropping his FUCKING hat and Seth Rogen picking it up, I will cross the streams. Of pee. In Dan Akroyd's face.

  3. I assume your Tweets about difficulty drawing regular expressions was for Joel. Josh is always so animated, so I don't imagine it being so hard to do. Either way, I really enjoyed the art in this one; especially the cabinet art for the pinball game! One could almost swear that they DID make a Perfect Strangers pinball game.

  4. I heard that the only hold up on making Ghostbusters 3 was getting Bill Murray on board and it sounds like he is. Since none of the characters were ever remotely buff or athletic they definately need to just go with the original cast. Throw some hair dye and some makeup go for it.

    • Actually, that could work for a comic – an "older" movie star (or stars) appearing in a movie without makeup, haircolor, etc. You could have Akroyd, Murray, and Ramis playing the ghosts.

  5. if the Perfect Strangers pinball doesn't exist.. it SHOULD!

    your casting sounds about pitch perfect. Although you forgot Michael Cera being the painfully awkward nerd/normal joe that has a plan on how to capture all those ghosts.

    of course, it doesn't work.

    there's no way on this Earth to replicate the original Peter Venkman. Apatow'd have to start from the archetypal scratch.

    • One of the reasons this comic took all day to script was that I was trying to fit in Michael Cera, McLovin, John C. Reilly, etc, etc. TOO MANY APATOWIANS!

      Im hoping this is just a "new class" and not a remake.

  6. It saddens me that this comic is so true to what the kids call "funny" today. No one appreciates the good movies like Ghostbusters anymore, they just want to see Seth Rogen getting high and shooting guns and whatnot.

    Incidentally, I think a Hello Kitty pinball would not only be the worst pinball machine ever, but I could totally see Josh playing it.

    Um, I have no idea why my comment posted twice. I apologize, Fancy Bastards.

    • Here, here! The 1st Ghostbusters was epic win & the 2nd was good, but not 1st-movie good. Remember the cartoons? Those were Sweet!!! Oh to be 6 again…
      But back to now times where I'm 24 & just a kid-@-heart. What is so great about Judd Apatow as a filmmaker, and when are Rogen, Rudd, Hill, and Reiley in roles as guys NOT GETTING HIGH?!! It's getting old already!

  7. Speaking of people who don't want to grow up, those guys are like some sort of drunk frat boys who will still be drunk frat boys when they're 90. I hear mara-jew-hana is fun and all, but they should start making movies that don't require you to be high to enjoy them. Seriously, they aren't fucking funny anymore.

    I remember the Ghostbusters TV show. That was a great show. Why did TV have to get so shitty as we got older?

  8. Seth Rogan=DO NOT WANT. All those people listed are pretty much the exact opposite of why Ghostbusters was funny.

  9. You do realize that completing a trilogy right now requires "3D" and this movie would have to use every 3D stunt in the book.

  10. Think I am done watching any numbered sequel, If you cant be bothered to come up with a title, I am out.

  11. I don't know, I think the worst movie-based pinball table would be "The Accused", personally.

    I really think Judd Apatow needs to go back to casting Steve Carell in everything. Anchorman and 40 Year Old Virigin were hilarious, and 83% of the hilarity emanated from Steve.

  12. Worst movie-pinball would have to be Meet Joe Black.

    I must admit to being excited about an actual movie for Ghostbusters 3. For a while I thought the only continuation of the story would be the new stuff Ramis and Aykroyd had written for the upcoming game.

    As more info is released I'll see how I feel. I like the idea of having the original cast back, especially Winston complaining "I'm too old for this shit" as if he were Danny Glover. We'll see I guess.

  13. oh wait, I just remembered Jonah Hill from 'Accepted', as the nerdy, voice-of-reason-ish, friend who goes to the real college while helping his friends from high school run the fake college S.H.I.T., and he didn't touch an ounce of weed.

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