Wheaton Comic Dare: Cutaways And Castouts

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Whig Party dudes, amirite? They are THE worst. Every time you try to involve them in a bit, it just falls flat. Wil was on Family Guy last week. He tweeted, I made a joke, he dared. It’s the way of the world.

COMMENTERS: Who’s your favorite TV or film actor (who doesn’t regularly do a TON of voice work) to pop up in an animated thing? Speaking of Star Trek allums, I do love when I hear Patrick Stewart’s be-knighted tones in a cartoon. Of course Michael Dorn is always nice, but he was practically a full time VO actor for a decade. The reverse is an altogether different sensation. I love seeing Jeffrey Combs (one of my FAVORITE voice actors) acting on screen. He was in Deep Space 9 a lot and I recently saw him in The Frighteners. He’s got such a captivating/creepy on-screen presence.

Speaking of voice actors:  HE Podcast Episode 93 With Voice Actors Yuri Lowenthall and Tara Platt!

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  1. Actually the first name that popped up in my head WAS Patrick Stewart. Other than him, I always loved Mark Hamill as the Joker in Batman the Animated Series.

  2. Jeffrey Combs it absolutely wonderful! Love him, especially in all those old horror movies he did. Have you ever watched From Beyond? SO CRAZY! Madness and tentacle creatures invade from nearby alternate dimensions. Also, crazy monster bondage sex…?

      • ANd he was The Question on Justice League Unlimited.
        His best line, in a conversation with Green Arrow and Supergirl:
        GA: "Maybe this just means the kid shouldn't eat nachos before bed."
        Q: "Peanut-butter & Jelly sandwiches."
        SG: "Wait, did you go through my garbage?"
        Q: "Please. I go through everyone's garbage."

  3. If we're talking Simpson guest stars, how about Jon Lovitz as so many characters, like Artie Ziff, Marge's community college art teacher, the guy who directed Marge and the other townsfolk in that play, and The Critic himself, Jay Sherman!

  4. Shran was far and away my favorite ENT character. Probably my favorite Jeffrey Combs character too, although Weyoun and Brunt have their virtues.

    I dunno how much voice work they do, but I recently watched Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time and recognized George Takei and René Auberjonois…that was pretty awesome. And I may have had a fangirl attack when I first started watching BBC America and heard Mark Sheppard doing the voice-overs for half the promos…"Supernatural Saturday, catch back-to-back episodes of Battlestar Galactica followed by an all-new Doctor Who! …By the way, I was in both of those!" Okay I may have added the last bit myself.

  5. On the reverse side of things, Simon Templeman (the titular star of the Legacy of Kain series, and husband to Rosalind "Keiko O'Brien" Chao) is one of my favorite voices, and I'm always excited when he pops up in some random genre show I'm watching (24, Angel, Charmed, YES I USED TO WATCH CHARMED, DAMNIT!). He's a regular in a series now, "Neighbors" on ABC. I hear it ain't great, but hey, whatever gets the man work, I'm in full support.

    • Hellz yeah, Simon Templeman! I'll watch anything he's in. He was awesome as a villain in the Lois and Clark Superman show years ago.

  6. Patrick Warburton – who I recognise as the voice of Kronk from The Emporers New Groove/School turning up in more and more things – and John Di Maggio. Both distinct voices that make my ears perk up everytime i hear them on one of my kids cartoons!

    • By no means a cartoon for your kids, but have you heard John DiMaggio's Joker from "Under the Red Hood"? If anyone has to replace Mark Hammil as the Joker, it ought to be Bender. His version is almost as terrifyingly insane as Hammil's…

  7. I remember being a little freaked out, in a good way, when the cartoon "Gargoyles" came out, the season after ST:TNG wrapped up, and I kept hearing Riker's and Troi's voices. Just checked it on Wikipedia, and it turns out at least 9 other Star Trek notables were guest or recurring stars in it.

    • And Salli Richardson, who voiced Elisa, was later Allison Blake on Eureka. Also, she had a guest role on DS9. Circles within circles.

      • Compare Salli Richardson from DS9 with Salli Richardson from the last episode of Eureka. She hasn't aged a day. I'm going with vampire, long odds on witch.

  8. John de Lancie as Discord in MLP:FiM. If there's a more perfect actor for that part, I don't know who it could possibly be.

  9. As far as voice actors who have shown up in a few live action projects, Dave Herman of Futurama (Mayor Poopenmeyer, the Whale Biologist, Warren Vogel, Roberto, SCRUFFY for crying out loud) is easily best known outside of VO for being Michael Bolton in Office Space.

  10. Poodle McGee totally beat me to the Gargoyles reference. Potentially the best mass-cast crossover between two otherwise unrelated shows…

    If you're a fan of Sir Patrick's work, as well as Studio Ghibli, then "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" is NOT to be missed… Our favorite Captain makes a supporting voice over appearance as Nausicaa's uncle in the 2005 North American re-release. It delighted me to no end to hear him speak in bonus-feature interviews about how, because his character has no visible mouth, only scrub-brush facial hair, he had to do "moustache-reading" instead of lip-reading…

  11. Mako Iwamatsu as Aku in Samurai Jack. His voice damn near made the show for me. He was just getting into voice acting before his death. I was totally bummed about it. I was way looking forward to more of his stuff. Apparently he was slated as the new voice of "Splinter" for the TMNT cartoon reboot in 2006, but died before he saw any studio time.

  12. I know that it is still the computer but I think it is funny when Stephen Hawking shows up doing voice over work for Simpsons and now Big Bang Theory.

  13. If there's real interest in the "Keep Calm And Dont Be A Dick" shirt that is probably something we could make happen.

  14. Or you could watch Gargoyles. It had Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sertis, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Kate Mulgrew and I don't even remember who else.

  15. Who’s your favorite TV or film actor (who doesn’t regularly do a TON of voice work) to pop up in an animated thing?

    Robert Downey Jr as Patrick Pewterschmidt Just saying .

    I apologize if this posts twice.

  16. We just rewatched some old Castle episodes and remembered that Homer Simpson is a recurring judge on that show.
    Speaking of seeing pink Simpsons, half the cartoon's cast was in the late 90s Godzilla movie. Too bad it wasn't, you know, good.

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