What An As Hole

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Hijinks Ensue Holiday CardsThis is a comic about multiple disappointments. The first is concerning NASA’s announcement that they found non-carbon-based life on earth found some bacteria that don’t die when you replace their phosphorus with arsenic, or whatever. First contact this is not. The second is related to the all CG costume in the Green Lantern movie and how silly it looks [hint: EXTREMELY SILLY]. When I first saw the trailer on Youtube as a clip from some entertainment news magazine show it was super small, super grainy and the costume looked embarrassing. Then I saw a second clip from the same show, but cleaned up and more clear. It was still small but at that point I thought I might have misjudged the rediculatude of the costume. Then I saw the full HD trailer and realized that it looked just as crazy titty-balls as I had originally thought and the film makers had made a huge mistake. There was a valley in the curve of the quality of the various trailers. We’ll call it “Hope Valley.” Just after hope valley there’s a steep jump off into “Plastic Neon Glowin 8-Pack Nonsense Abs Chasm.” No one survives the fall.


The HE Podcast site is somewhat broken and I can’t properly post the new episode. In the meantime you can download it directly HERE. UPDATE: It’s fixed and Episode 73 is HERE.

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Here is a video that FB Locke Cole made for school regarding copyright using some clips from an interview that I did.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! We spent a ton of time on the project, and ended up with one of the best projects in the class (The only other one was a series of blog posts about music in videogames).

    Feel free to leave comments, we've love to hear what you guys thought about it.

  2. I think I might be the only carbon or arsenic based life form that doesn't think the new Green Lantern costume looks that bad. It could be worse – it could have articulated nipples ala Batman Forever.

    • "it could always be worse" isn't a great way to look at it in my opinion. They try SO HARD "reinvent" every superhero costume in films that they often overshoot "reinvent" and go straight to "f'd it in the a". Batman certainly suffered worse from this treatment than any other hero. Spider-Man and Brandon Roth's superman were probably the best. They had subtle changes in texture but were still made of actual human materials.

      • True… "It could always be worse," implies that it could always be better, too. I do wish they would focus less on "reinventing" and more on translating. I have to admit that taking something that is pure art and trying to make that into something tangible must be a real bitch. Spider-Man's costume did that well, I agree.

        I really don't think they did a bad job on the GL costume, but it could have been better.

  3. I have sewn a kitten to a puppy. I have discovered a new species!
    Great comic today! Can you make those Science Boner teeshirts in a ladies large? Thanks.
    I expect to spend my time watching that movie in cringe mode. They appear to have taken two great things: Green Lantern (peanut butter), and Ryan Reynolds (sexy jelly) and inexplicably produced a shit sandwich. How do you F a peanut butter and jelly sandwich up? I feel bad for Reynolds, who appears to have been handcrafted by God to play superheroes, yet ends up in Wolverine Origins.
    Perhaps I should stow away my venom for when I actually see the movie….

  4. Completely made of lol's, especially science boner.

    Why did they make Abin Sur so weird looking? I guess being purple isn't alien looking enough.

  5. I just wanted to say thank-you for kicking i09 to the curb and replacing it with an albeit smaller but much more appreciative Blastr.

    • I actually still love i09. Just trying to mix it up a bit. Also Blastr is owned by NBC Universal, so they are hardly smaller.

  6. Yeah, I'd have to agree with the costume thing. Really, every filmmaker in the world is going to CGI these days, its retarded. Some things I can understand it being used for, like the GL abilities, because I sure as hell cant think of another way to do it and make it not look like a 2nd grade science fair mishap, but come on now! Ever since Avatar came out…

    Still, I doubt that it will stop me from seeing the movie.

  7. I get why people don't like the Green Lantern trailer, because yes, that costume is just a bit absurd. But on the other hand, I know I'm still going to see it, and I'm glad to see a comic book movie that isn't afraid to be ridiculous.

  8. When I first saw this movie coming out, it was because of a cover on some magazine and I swear that when he's got his costume and mask on that he looks like Ben Stiller.

  9. Yea hI keep checking the new trailers for green lantern just to see how much worse it can get. i keep expecting Sharktopus or Dinocroc to show up.

  10. If the costume is generated by the magic wishing ring (I mean totally science fictional quantum construction device), it makes sense it looks a bit less than real. Meeting someone IRL wearing something like that would be just weird, but it makes sense that it looks weird.

  11. Ok, I'm really not surprised so many people are so disappointed about NASA's press conference, but it's just plain silly. We just found a new species that we previously believed impossible to exist. Do you realize what that means!? We have to reevaluate everything we currently know about biological chemistry. This is bigger than finding extraterrestrial life because we were previously looking for life as we knew it. It would be cool, but kinda boring, kinda bland. "Eh, we already know how this works; it's neat we found this, and it's proof life exists on other worlds, but let's keep going, see if we can find more." But thisThis is brand. Frakking. NEW.

    Ok, not entirely brand new, since the only difference is arsenic in place of phosphorous, but still. Arsenic? That's prephsophorous!

  12. I still to this day don’t understand the hate for the costume. I liked it. Made more sense then the magical green spandex in the comics. Seriously if the constructs can be black why are their constructs only ever green.

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