Well, It’s Groundhog Day… Again…

During the “magical date” Josh, carved a giant penis out of a block of ice with a chainsaw. The townsfolk  of Punxsutawney thought it was very romantic. Later they went to  Gobbler’s Knob. It seemed appropriate.

Groundhog Day” is in my top 5 favorite comedies of all time. If you haven’t seen it and you enjoy things that are both hilarious and wonderful, give it a watch. If you’ve seen it and don’t approve, I’m going to punch you in the face then buy insurance from you. “Ned!? Ned Ryerson!?

I told Josh the basic idea for this comic and he was eager to help me flesh it out. I also offered him the chance to pick his bed partner. He chose one of our very own Fancy Bastards, Sultmhoor (knitter of the “Fancy Gauntlets“), to get his heart broken by Comic-Josh. He also tried to convince me to draw a panel for every aspect of the “magical date” including the ice-cock. I wanted so badly to obige, but then the comic wouldn’t have seen the light of day until tomorrow.

Speaking of “light” and “seeing things” that furry fucker Punxsutawney Phil has yet again cast his runes and chicken entrails and murmured his ancient groundhog hexes to divine for our weather wizards what the next six weeks’ climate will be. Rodent-based witchcraft is far more accurate than DOPLAR radar.

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  1. In Canada we have Wiarton Willie. He’s a rotating cast of albino groundhogs, I say rotating cast because he drops dead every couple years and they have to hunt down another one. My guess is they just capture a normal groundhog and drop his ass in a vat of bleach.

  2. Panel 2: Sly Josh is sly. And he's obviously worked his "patter" (as 'twere) down to a science: "Hey big boy, I need your help. I'm kinda stuck in a loop, and I wonder if you could help me break free. No, the loop's a little further down …"

  3. You know mid 80s early 90s Murray was the best. Ghost Busters 1 + 2, Little Shop of Horrors, Scrooged, What about Bob, Groundhog Day, Kingpin. For about a decade the guy was comic gold.

  4. Yours is literally my favorite online comic, but check spelling in blog! Your product is timeless and deserves uniform classiness.

  5. Groundhog Day is one of my favorites too. I must admit I secretly hope to get stuck in a temporal loop so I can use the time to catch up and learn a bunch of useless things that I don't have time to learn now. I've always wanted to become fluent in German and playing the piano, and with a Groundhog Day temporal loop I could!

    The one and only thing that bothers me about the film is that there is a Blizzard a few miles away from the town, but the weather inside the town is fairly calm. You'd think they'd at least get a fairly heavy snow.

    • well in that case (as long as we're nitpicking) why is Andy McDowel cool with a guy who she though was a jerk in the morning, telling her he loves her less than 24 hours later (from her perspective). Sure he's been working up to it for 10,000 yeas, but from her perspective he's a relative stranger.


    Best comic evar! And thank you for drawing me with hairy shoulders.

    (And as for the latex allergy, that's what polyurethane is for ;o)

  7. I have been to Gobbler's Knob!! It's not that impressive, especially when it's -100 degrees out and YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LEAVE until after that damn rodent shows his ugly mug. I'm not bitter, really. I mean, who needs TOES?!?!

  8. General Beauregard Lee (ATL's groundhog) predicted an early spring and he's only been wrong once… the year ATL got hit with the worst blizzard I recall hitting the area (1993).

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