Webcomic Rampage 2012 Fancy Surreal Tablecloth Guest Comic By Zach Weiner

This weekend was Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage in Austin, TX. Thanks to all the Fancy Bastards that came out to say hi. If you didn’t make it out this year, next year’s event is already shaping up to an AMAZING weekend of comics, cartoonists and fun time.s They are moving to a new location that’s twice the size and we’re going to have even more panels, events and online cartoonists.

Almost as soon as the Rampaging began, Zach Weiner started a thing whereby all of the attending cartoonists kept drawing me and replacing random words in sentences with my full name all weekend. It started as a jok and quickly escalated into a surreal, meta tribute/ribbing type situation that somehow married Being John Malkovich with Pokemon. I felt like the prettiest idiot at ball. I was getting ALL of the attention and in no way sure if I wanted, appreciated, or understood it.

Here’s a bunch of the pictures of me that Zach, David, Randy, Angela, Danielle and Lar drew of me. They are mostly a macabre descent into madness (expecially Zach’s… seriously, someone needs to reach out to him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself) and almost ENTIRELY EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR YOUR WORKING ENVIRONMENT. 

CRUISE FUNDRAISER: 74/100 prints are sold and I only have until Dec 15th (5 days left!) to meet my goal of selling all 100. Help me get on a nerd boat and get some neat art for yourself in the process!


COMMENTERS: Have you ever been the butt of a hyper localized, extremely specific inside meme? How did it last? Do people still call you “Flippers” because of what happened they day at the pool?

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  1. Love the one you used as the main strip! The rest are… well… uh.

    But seriously, the comic one reminds me of that episode of Star Trek TOS where there's a transporter malfunction and there are two Kirks, and at the end he has to hug his other self and get transported again. It's a very touching moment. Here's a gif.

  2. So today is a sad day… just 2 days ago, I discovered your webcomics. After reading a couple, I instantly knew that we were going to get along just fine, so I did the smart thing: jumped back to the start, and because reading, and laughing, and feeling my view of the world changing in a very ludicrous speed manner. However, I have now reached the end, and I'm all caught up… and now what? Wait for a new comic every day or two or 5?? Is that really a way to spend my life? Waiting, and wishing things were different? Thanks for ruining my life! (Seriously, thanks!)

    • You REALLY ought to try the podcasts, if you crave more HE content. I actually prefer them to the comics (don't tell Joel!). They're the reason I donate every month. I'll pay for those suckers!

  3. Awesomeness.

    I haven't been the subject of a meme as such, just tons of McDonald's jokes.. especially when being at the McDonald's with fellow musicians and everybody's trying to order a McHollander, confusing the hell out of the staff who think these guys mean a McKroket (a burger featuring what's supposed to be a kroket, but isn't).

    It's a weird mixture of fun and embarrassment. Obviously, when McDonald's had a "create your own burger"-competition, I created the McHollander. It. Simply. Had. To. Be. Done.

    No regrets.

  4. I'm thinking that you were not the prettiest…um…person at the ball (I mean look at yourself) but rather the FANCIEST BASTARD onsite!
    And maybe, JUUUUST MAYBE you were being secretly inducted into their tribe. But don't ask them because they are a notoriously lying (as well as drinking, wenching and thieving) lot.

    Or am I thinking of politicians?
    Aww crap.
    You guys ARE actually kinda dweebs.
    No matter.
    Who wouldn't want to be part of that club? 🙂

  5. Well, aren't you just the bell at the ball…

    …the creepy, stalker, surreal, Cthulhu hosted ball.

    (man, if you had paranoid tendencies, this would surely have pushed you over the edge for good…)

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