HEADLINE: McCain Slips in Tub, Tina Fey Is President!

I’m sure McCain was despondent when they told him women could actually vote, but he seized the opportunity to secure that vote by deciding to select a woman, any woman, to be his running mate.

“Alright, fellas, what we need here is a female that can fake her way through understanding politics. Also she has to be able to pretend to read and write. This will be tough, but we can do it. Hell, we sent a chimp to space didn’t we? Now I suggest you start checking the most high class brothels in town. One of them is bound to have a woman with some poise!”

Whether you believe it or not, please read about Palin’s “Babygate” cover up. I’m not sure what to believe, but damn if it isn’t a funny/tragic/still funny story:


I have a feeling Obama won’t be able to bring this level of Reality TV drama to the White House. It’s simply an area where he will not be able to compete, and that may cost him the presidency.

Here are a few more links for your enjoyment/sadness:

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  1. I might actually DVR that show!

    As for the "she's my sister…*slap*…she's my daughter…*slap*…" controversy, my understanding is that the now-pregnant 17 year old would have to have gotten knocked up within about an hour and a half of giving birth to the first kid for it to be hers. The time table just doesn't work out, although it made for some interesting theories.

    Bonus points for the movie reference.

  2. Has anyone else cottoned-on to Palin bearing a resemblance to television's Peggy Hill? -Loud mouthed bullshit queen that thinks she's the best at everything but is generally an ignorant cunt?

  3. "Democrats are trying to steal his pills". HiLARious

    I just posted this in a forum i frequent and it's already got some rave reviews.

  4. Honestly, when I heard about the female VP choice of McCain, it really sounded like a stunt to get some of those disillusioned Hillary votes. Which then reminded me of that failed ABC drama Commander-In-Chief where Geena Davis becomes president after becoming VP in a publicity stunt, and the president randomly going into a coma or something. Coincidence?

  5. Where you see "sexism" I see a finely laid out critique of today's sorry state of the entertainment industry as whole and the TV business in particular. Also of the GOP VP pick.

    How dare you suggest sexism, sir.


  6. This is, what, Day 4 since the announcement and I just don't think the world's supply of W's, T's, and F's can keep up with the demand that's been generated. We may have to drill for more.

  7. Do you suppose the Democrat's discussion went something like….“Alright, fellas, what we need here is a Black man that can fake his way through understanding politics. Also he has to be able to pretend to read and write. This will be tough, but we can do it. Hell, we sent a chimp to space didn’t we?"

    Is racism as funny as sexism?

  8. Sexism isn't funny. Making fun of sexism is (at least to me). McCain's VP choice is little more than a shallow bid to wrangle in Hillary's supporters. I certainly consider picking a "token female" to placate confused voters to be a sexist move.

    It's cool if we disagree, but please don't call me a sexist.

  9. Remember that movie, "Wag The Dog" about the unpopular president that starts a fake war to stay in office? I think I know where the Republicans are getting most of their ideas. Next McCain's cabinet will be made up of other McCains in fat suits against a blue screen.

    "Hercules, Hercules, Hercules!"

  10. Politics are inescapable if you think about it. Sure, they may be disguised as stuff one might actually be INTERESTED in (ie: BSG, Joss Whedon's constant struggle to entertain despite TV being a douche to him, etc.) but honestly, this brand of ACTUAL politics does lend itself to some universally acknowledged LULz.

    Anyhoot, I do agree–I'd rather clean out my ears with barbed wire rather than have a political argument with someone.

  11. I don't think you a sexist, and I think the comic was fairly funny.

    But I don't think you would do a comic or find it funny if someone did a comic that started:
    Joel: "Hey that new janitor in the White House is wearing a nice suit!"
    Josh: "That's not a janitor, its the new President!"
    And then went on to make jokes about his funny sounding name, fried chicken, watermelons and smoking blunts.

    That would be racist and wrong. But making fun of McCain for being old, and Palin for being a hot woman is fine.

    Anyways, my original comment meant more to equate the tokenism of Palin's nomination with that of Obama's. If either is an unqualified token, I would argue that they both are since neither has much experience, and both are meant to target a segment of the population.

  12. All show and no substance – not a new accusation is it? We turn our noses up at bio-diesels, and fail to realize, in the very near future we will not be able to afford bus fare. The Republicans have seen the books and are using and old man and a menopausal woman to throw the election. They will leave poor Obama holding the bag for their debauchery over the last 8 years! They are not fools, they have filled their pockets and will now exit, stage left, and live in Dubai in luxury while we at home play the blame game and Obama tries to tell the truth to a public that wants a scapegoat to blame for their woes.

  13. If you don't think Joel would do a comic mocking racism or any other -ism, then I would like to welcome you as a new reader! This isn't your typical "we can make fun of THIS group, but not THAT group" humor. To paraphrase what Joel just said, -ism's aren't funny, but mocking them is.

  14. Hmmm…the "taking my ball and going home" strategy. Not a theory I've heard yet regarding the VP pick, but it makes just as much sense as any other reason I can come up with. I like it!

  15. I'm mostly pissed at McCain because I wanted him to choose Pawlenty. Now we're still stuck with that let-the-bridges-collapse-I-refuse-to-spend-money-to-maintain-roads jerk of a governor.

  16. Sooo… any McCain/ Pali rule #34 links showing up?

    Don't want to see them, just want to know if they're there yet.

    (p.s. forgot to compliment you on the background effect for the comicon episodes, very nice.)

    • Not sure about McCain/Palin, but there's some Palin/Obama actual filmed look-alike porn out there. It's actually pretty hilarious how much the actress looks like Palin (at least to my eyes haha).

      Google "Nailin' Paylin"; I'm sure you'll find it. Hustler was behind it.

  17. I was listening to the radio (KUFO) and the guys were saying that Palin is like a HOT Tina Fey. I hope they were just joking, but they sounded relatively sincere.

  18. Am I the only one that thinks she fit's McCain's MO like a glove? McCain is promising to clean up Washington. If he can do it is another discussion, but his choice of Palin makes seems rather logical as she is known for working on cleaning up Alaska's government. Palin on the ticket just reinforces the idea of what McCain wants to do with the sorry and pathetic state our government is in. And not I said government. While President Bush isn't very steller, neither is our Congress, which I might add is currently controlled by the Democrats.

    I get really sick of today's "bumper sticker politics" that is popular today. People of my generation have taken the "FUCK BUSH" bumper stickers of the past year and replaced them with "FUCK THE GOP". It's become an overriding and popular sentiment that people fall back on instead of actually looking at the facts, and forming a coherent argument. While in the context of this web comic, the joke is playing off of the age difference between McCain and Palin, and that's fine. It's a good natured ribbing about an obvious difference. The point that McCain is trying to buy the female vote, in my opinion, is not.

    And Mr. Uncle B… care to back that statement up with any facts or are you trying out your new premise for your next big politcal thriller novel?

  19. A significant difference would be that McCain chose his "token woman" while the American people chose their "token black guy."

  20. -isms in my opinion are not good. I quote John Lennon: "I don't believe in Beatles, I only believe in me." A good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. But I'd still have to bum rides off people.

  21. For what it's worth, I'm voting for Obama because his stance on technology is the best between him and McCain. Of course, with the choice of his running mate he hurt himself somewhat, as I don't care at all for the stance of his running mate. I do feel somewhat that McCains choice of running mate was an attempt to pull in Hillary supporters, as she doesn't seem to be a very logical choice otherwise for someone in the traditionally conservative Republican camp.

  22. Definitely one of the downsides to the relatively short presidential terms, it doesn't give the winner much time to turn things around if the previous president left on a downward trend. Of course, by the same token if he does somehow manage to turn things around before the end of his term he comes out looking that much better for it.

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