Super-Herois A Liga Da Injustica

…as it is known in Brazil.

There is no way to make fun of “Disaster Movie” that wouldn’t debase both you and me, so I’m not even going to try. The internets have already labeled it as a reverse afterbirth in slow motion, so what else can I say? I will point out that IMDB users have voted it the “Worst Movie of All Time.” This is a serious allegation, because these people have probably also seen “Manos: The Hands of Fate.”


0% on Rotten Tomatoes

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That’s really how I prefer reading my comics (full sized in Google Reader), so I figured many of you felt the same way. Expect ads to show up in the RSS feed soon, but hey, the comic is bigger… so deal.

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  1. I'm related to the female lead, Vanessa Minnillo (second cousin); I met her once at a wedding, and after she won "Ms Teen USA", she sort of estranged herself from a bulk of the family, so I can't say I actually know her. On behalf of our shared relatives and ancestors, I'm very, very sorry she helped bring this crappy piece of cinema into the world. :-/

  2. The lighting in panel for is just webcomic cheat lighting where you just use a layer above the art and ignore where the light source would actually be. The background in that panel is comped from a few random photos with filters and a fence that I drew.

  3. LJ stopped updating when I started doing the podcast. They say the feed is too big and there is nothing I can do to fix it. Thats why I removed the link. Its basically worthless now. If you friend "hijinkscomic" on LJ you'll get some notifications but not the full comic.

  4. What the hell's going on in this strip? -I don't get it. Josh PAYS you and Eli to see a terrible movie. Then ShAkAzUlU! -It transodomizes into a fetish feature with bondage, honey, and bees. I'm not even sure there's a punch-line; and if there is, is it at least wearing a glove?

  5. The Hitler/Stalin bees are mad, but passive. They prefer to sit in their hive and make a lot of noise, rather than actually go out and sting people. They're weird.

  6. One more comment – why does the Portuguese version of Disaster Movie have a title that translates closer to the equally terrible Superhero Movie?

  7. It actually translates to "Super Heroes: The Injustive League" which is fucking weird since there hasnt been a justive league movie. I also want to point out that THIS movie was done filming months before many of the films they "parodied" were even released.

  8. That'll give you… er, bees.

    Oh God. Manos, Hands of Fate. Even MST3K couldn't salvage the experience for me.

    I'll second that the backgrounds work surprisingly well. Usually photo backgrounds with cartoon characters ends up looking wrong but here it looks quite natural.

  9. Being eaten alive by Hitler bees seems pretty disastrous, hence there is irony which, to some, is funny. Not every funny thing in the world is based on punch lines. This isn't stand-up. I'm just sayin'.

  10. Benevolent gift indeed! i like that i can view the comic in my rss, but i really enjoy visiting the site to read all the wacky comments. these make my day most of the time. yay for fancy bastards!

  11. So many things I like about this comic. But I think I like the backgrounds best. See, according to those, they are holding a conversation in the middle of traffic.

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