The Fundamentals of the Comic are Strong

Of course, by that I mean the Macbook Pro and the Wacom Cintiq tablet I use to create the comic are functioning well within their operating parameters. What did you think I meant?

If you’re feeling presidential you might as well drape yourself in one of these lovely Laura Roslin For President shirts:

It would certainly help alleviate my imminent financial meltdown. If American can’t win, it might as well be me? Right?


HEADLINE: McCain Slips in Tub, Tina Fey Is President!

I’m sure McCain was despondent when they told him women could actually vote, but he seized the opportunity to secure that vote by deciding to select a woman, any woman, to be his running mate.

“Alright, fellas, what we need here is a female that can fake her way through understanding politics. Also she has to be able to pretend to read and write. This will be tough, but we can do it. Hell, we sent a chimp to space didn’t we? Now I suggest you start checking the most high class brothels in town. One of them is bound to have a woman with some poise!”

Whether you believe it or not, please read about Palin’s “Babygate” cover up. I’m not sure what to believe, but damn if it isn’t a funny/tragic/still funny story:


I have a feeling Obama won’t be able to bring this level of Reality TV drama to the White House. It’s simply an area where he will not be able to compete, and that may cost him the presidency.

Here are a few more links for your enjoyment/sadness: