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COMMENTERS: Has a writer ever impressed you with their ability to create complex and believable characters that are seemingly very different from themselves? Of course every writer creates characters that aren’t mirror images of themselves (or at least they should), but I’m talking about creators that seem to really get the voice of someone they appear to have little in common with. Joss Whedon’s command of strong female characters, might be a good example.

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  1. Obviously, the proper cheat code is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. B, A, Start.

    If lesbians are involved, just replace "B, A, B, A " with "In, Out, In, Out" and these instructions will work well with a Hitachi Magic Wand or a Rabbit.

  2. Basicaly, be the opposite of Stephen King, where the main character is an alcoholic writer 90% of the time, and in the others he's some weirdo kid.

  3. Robert Jordan, the wheel of time series. Dozens of characters, all with different cultural backgrounds and personality forces driving them. He does seem to have a preference for honour as a character's motivation, but not all of them and the diversity in personalitiesis incredible.

  4. Back in the Eighties when I first started reading him, scifi author Spider Robinson really impressed me as the first male author that I'd ever read who seemed to have an almost intuitive ability to write very real-feeling female characters. Which was, for me, at the time, a really nice, refreshing change.

    • I Loved Spider Robinson's books growing up. Was a major influence on my perspective & personality.

      Man, it's been far too long since I read anything of his, I really should re-read, and catch up on his work since then.

  5. Apparently Orson Scott Card does this really, really well. It's been at least three decades since I ready anything of his though so I cant say I remember first-hand. But that is certainly the impression I've gotten from the Internet recently.

  6. Lesbians make the world better. I want to make a comedic realistic Anty Bullying PSA with a guy trying to bully a couple of lesbians in school and he looks to support from the douchiest looking guy and the guys like "Dude. You don't mess with Lesbians. Girl on Girl is hot." Then it proceeds to have random nerds, goths, emos, and every other clique stand by the douchey looking guy agreeing that it's part of the sacred Bro Code. "Harm not thy yonder Lesbian because she will guide thine eyes to the promised land."

  7. Neil Gaiman. He writes some of the craziest characters, but I always find them so compelling. They're well-rounded, complex, thoroughly human characters, regardless of who or what they are.

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