…To The End

CRUISE FUNDRAISER [UPDATE 12/31]: 94/100 prints are sold and it would be great to sell that last few  remaining prints before the end of the year. I am also going to leave up the additional prints and print packs for sale until probably February in case you want to get in on that action.


How about a direct follow up to this cliffhanger… er, bloodhanger… blood wave? Yes, from now on the phrase “cliffhanger” will be replaced outright with the phrase “blood wave.” Write that down in case you forget.

COMMENTERS: WHY AREN’T WE ALL DEAD?! The apocalypse just came and went, not a blood wave in sight. Did The Doctor save us? Did the Scoobies prevail yet again? STEPTO WARNING: LOST SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Are we actually all dead like in the final season of LOST (even though the producers of LOST told us from THE BEGINNING that they WEREN’T ALL DEAD [those motherfuckers])?

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