The Perils Of Being Typecast

Thanks to Fancy Bastard @martintsang for suggesting “Air Bud” as the worst sappy bullshit family-style movie ever. All joking aside, “Watchmen’s” Jackie Earle Haley will probably make a terrific Freddy Krueger. I’m pretty sure that dude can already control your nightmares so they should save a ton on special effects.

Sorry for the super-late comic. Real life gets in the way of delicious internets some times.

Thanks to all the FB’s who kept me company on Ustream while I made this comic. Follow me on Twitter if you want to be alerted when things like that happen in the future.

Commenters: How about we recast more classic horror movies with current celebs? That sounds like a thing to do, doesn’t it? For bonus points, pick a family movie (a la “Air Bud”) and rescript it as a horror film. Beethoven = Kujo is the obvious first choice.

ALSO: Check out Kalan Vazquez is a Fancy Bastard running his own version of “The Experiment” but with independent game development instead of comics/music. I wish him all the success in the world (but slightly less than I wish for myself…).

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  1. The Little Mermaid vs. Jaws, The Flight of the Navigator and Event Horizon, or Hannah Montana as Carrie?

  2. Geez, Josh, enough bacon there?
    Anyway, what else has Jackie Earle Haley acted in before putting on the face of Rorschach? Maybe not the same as a skinless faced, knife fingered monster.
    Also, Jackie Earle Haley really DOES sound like a real serial kiler's name.
    Best bit o' words: "rat-king on meth face" & "hooker & hobo parts"

  3. "Top Gun" with Chris Evans might actually be a better movie (although not the camp/crap classic we all love), but The Princess Bride with Jessica Alba and Shia Labouf would not.

  4. Is Air Bud upto #9 yet? I think you may have just given someone some incentive to get a couple more made in order to use that title.

    • Not yet – it's just not been picked up for season 3. Friedman's written the finale as "closure with possibilities" but FOX apparently are waiting until May to make a decision, and will be doing so based on the ratings of the final 4 episodes.

      I do hope though they run with another season though. FOX has showed enough faith so far to extend season 2 to a full season half way through so surely it can't be all bad?

  5. "Victims feet in pickle jars" reminds me of one of my favorite Patton Oswalt bits, where he talks about how his wife likes to watch unsolved crime-type shows, with lots of "the amount of semen found in the chest cavity led investigators…"

    Does this mean Haley will play Willie in the V remake?

  6. I would say let's do the Evil Dead movies again and let Ryan Reynolds play Ash. He may not have the chin for it, but he's got the chops.
    And, as I've said before, I'd watch him hang wallpaper.

  7. i laughed out loud too – this comic was brilliant comedy and visually pleasing as well. how can josh get away with eating just bacon & peanut butter and still be alive? also, where's the jelly, bread and eggs?

  8. The first two panels of this one made me LOL. Like, really actually LOL, which is kinda rare for me. I usually say "LOL" when I really mean "chuckle inside my head that no one else can hear", but not this time. I had to force myself to LOL quietly so I wouldn't wake anyone up.

    Anyway, back to the first two panels – the writing is fantastic. Rat King on meth – such a perfect description. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Haley is f***ing tiny… he's 5'5.5''! Then again he has a black belt in something (imdb doesn't say what Martial Arts.)

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