But if Fringe is on Thursday at 8pm in the other universe, how do you know THAT isn't their death slot? -- Simple, I check their Wikipedia to see what time slot Firefly had. Now give me one more scoop of turned mayo and set this baby to delicate!

The Final Stage Is Acceptance

Are you surprised Fox is slowly and calmly building a Fringe-sized coffin? Seeing as we have already established the Fringe is the best Sci-Fi show on TV, and FOX’s Doom Engine is powered by geek tears, you shouldn’t be.

HijiNKS ENSUE British Knights Shirt at TopatocoI honestly think Fringe is one of those shows that has a complete narrative to tell and, thus, needs an end date. Just not a surprise one. I can see the major arc of Fringe and it’s creative steam carrying it through a phenomenal 4th season and perhaps to a 5th, but beyond that it could suffer from the same slow death that claimed The X-Files. The last thing I want is for another TV Sci-Fi masterpiece to outstay it’s welcome. But Fringe deserves a chance to wrap things up on it’s own time and with support from the network. Time and time again, FOX has shown us that Friday night is the last stop before an untimely cancellation. It’s almost like how your trash collectors only take branches and leaf bags every other week, so you stick them on the edge of your lawn just waiting for them to be collected. Friday night is the edge of FOX’s lawn.

You might as well go read some more Fringe comics, because I have a feeling I’m only going to get the opportunity to make one or two more.

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