The Final Stage Is Acceptance

Are you surprised Fox is slowly and calmly building a Fringe-sized coffin? Seeing as we have already established the Fringe is the best Sci-Fi show on TV, and FOX’s Doom Engine is powered by geek tears, you shouldn’t be.

HijiNKS ENSUE British Knights Shirt at TopatocoI honestly think Fringe is one of those shows that has a complete narrative to tell and, thus, needs an end date. Just not a surprise one. I can see the major arc of Fringe and it’s creative steam carrying it through a phenomenal 4th season and perhaps to a 5th, but beyond that it could suffer from the same slow death that claimed The X-Files. The last thing I want is for another TV Sci-Fi masterpiece to outstay it’s welcome. But Fringe deserves a chance to wrap things up on it’s own time and with support from the network. Time and time again, FOX has shown us that Friday night is the last stop before an untimely cancellation. It’s almost like how your trash collectors only take branches and leaf bags every other week, so you stick them on the edge of your lawn just waiting for them to be collected. Friday night is the edge of FOX’s lawn.

You might as well go read some more Fringe comics, because I have a feeling I’m only going to get the opportunity to make one or two more.

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  1. They'll cancel it, and then five years later they'll put out a movie, which will bomb. Two years after that, the stars will start showing up in other projects. "Hey, it's that gal who played Olivia! She's a new permanent character on Castle now."

    Castle. MFing Castle has been on the air longer than Firefly – three times as long!

  2. I think this info came just in time for Walter to do some lampshade hanging of the Friday slot by the end of the season. Maybe even Walternate?

    Staffer: Why not Friday Mr. Secretary?
    Walternate: Friday is for experiments we have little hope for.

  3. Fox is the master of the "knife hug".

    What's that, Fox? You greenlit a sci-fi series that is intriguing, funny, and smart? Come here, you! It's hug time! Wait … what's that cold feeling sliding into my back? You mean to tell me that you're going to put it in a time slot nobody watches, ensuring its failure and canceling the series before the major plot points are resolved?! No, you bastards … you … unbelievable … bas- … ghaahhhhhh *deathrattle*

  4. Did I fall asleep? I try to be my best, but I can't because Fox puts things in my head. Then tries to wipe it clean. It hurts, bad. But I keep coming back, thinking that they won't take away the pretty things again. I think I will just head off to the attic.

  5. *sigh* I didn't even really like Fringe, but I'm sorry to see FOX with its head still so firmly up its ass. At least it's not yet another Whedon project. Poor Abrams. Maybe Abrams and Whedon can/should start a support group. They would make such an awesome support group…
    Love so many of the brilliant comments. Too many to call out by name.
    Love, love, love the purposeful and pointed misspelling of asinine. Love it!

    • You know…if they make enough shows that get cancelled by Fox, they could start their own network on cable or Hulu or the other interwebzes…call it "Cancel-Vision" or something like that…everything from Fox, UPN, Sci-Fi, WB, etc. etc. that was decent would wind up there.

  6. Sorry to bring everyone down, but here's a list of all the shows Fox gave the ax with the Friday night Death Slot (FNDS), in the hopes that Fox will learn from its mistakes. Now let us remember the fallen:
    And on that note, I really hope Adult Swim grenn lights the 5th season of The Venture Brothers, since my mind is still blowing fro Sunday night's finale! Are any of you Fancy Bastards watching? It's right up our street!

  7. I'm not willing to give up on this show so soon. Almost all the shows that Fox killed on Fridays were much weaker than Fringe. After a while, the "Friday death slot" thing becomes a self-perpetuating meme. Bullshit to that, this time. I'm going to fight for this show.

  8. I wonder how much their numbers are thrown off because most "viewers" of these shows only watch on DVR or online.

    So we, the fans, should put together a "Save Fringe" campaign like Chuck fans did; pick one of the advertisers, and everyone go there on a specific day/weekend. Chuck fans did Subway; what should we do?

    Joel, you probably have the best platform to get this launched.

  9. Luckily, the Fox Friday night slot is the only thing that Fringe and X-Files have in common.
    NO, stop thinking about it right now! Not the same show! Is not! Lalalalalalallalaa!

    Actually the only differences I can see are:
    (1) Fringe is about alternate dimensional warfare instead of conspiracies and little green men (which I'm happy for, because that's awesome)
    (2) Fringe actually answers some of the mysteries from time to time, instead of toying with us indefinitely.

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