The Day After Next Independence Day

What are they going to call the sequel to Independence Day? ID4 2? ID5? Independence Day II: Never Wear White After Labor Day? Assuming it actually gets made I’m on board just as long as it makes exactly NO sense like the original did… didn’t.

UPCOMING APPEARANCES: I’ll be in Austin, TX signing HE Books at Rogue’s Gallery Comics on Saturday Oct. 24 from 1-3pm, and at the Ka-Baam!! Improv Comedy Show Friday 10/23 and Saturday 10/24. I will also have books for sale there. More info on these events HERE.

I am eyeing a few more TX appearances for November. Dallas on 10/14 and Lubbock on 10/7. Comment if you are interested in me actually doing those things.

I will also be at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, WA in March. More info on that as it gets closer.

BOOK NEWS: I’m back from Baltimore and the books are in my garage, which means they will begin shipping this week. Since I have so many sketches to do, shipping may be slow and steady but it will be consistent. When you get your book, how about you post a pic of you with it on Twitter [follow me? why not] with the hash tag #HEBook.

Oh, you haven’t preordered the book? Well the preorder is over and now its just the ORDER (minus the pre). All preorders will ship first, but new orders will ship fast, so get up on it and book yourself in the thing.

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  1. Any chance you could include a detour to Portland* when you come up to Seattle? We're just a few hours' drive or train trip….

    *Home of Powell's, Dark Horse Comics, The Decemberists, general all-around awesomeness…need I go on??

  2. Oh dear, Independence Day is one of my not even guilty pleasure but I-just-like-telling-people-I've-voluntarily-seen-it-seven-times-and-watch-them-groan-at-the-thought-movies. Because it's so hilariously big, über-American, stupid and overtly sentimental (THE DOG SURVIVES!). And Adam Baldwin's in it.

    But a sequel? It would probably end up as a post-911, dark angstfest. Please no.


    • If they have President Obama and Will Smith team up Bad Boys style kicking ass with alien technology in Afghanistan I'm in the front row!

      Plus Osama bin Laden simply HAS to be a living power cell for a giant alien bio-mech!

  3. Noticed that if you stupidly hold down shift while typing out "id4" you get "ID$" which is a truism. $$$$money!.
    If you increment to id5, you get ID%, PROVING that it's all about the percentages! holy shit.
    I think it's obvious at this point that the sequel after this one will prominently feature either exponents, rabbits, or diamonds.

  4. I saw ID4 five times in the theater–including showings before and after some other sci-fi crap at a drive-in–before it's official opening day. Five times! That's the kind of hedonism I reserve for…um…Jurassic Park, I guess.

    I need to get out more. Depending on how you travel through Texas betwixt Dallas and Lubbock, I'll buy you dinner!

  5. only flaw in this comic will smith paid to have a custome trailer built that he uses on all his shoots (when i say trailer read the most bitchin RV this side of the one that has a sports car that pops out of the undercarriage as part of it's standard equipment)

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